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Steegle.One’s People Database for Enhanced Knowledge Management and Team Building. Discover how Steegle.One’s people database feature promotes camaraderie, unlocks hidden talents, and strengthens connections within your organization.


In an increasingly virtual and distributed work environment, it can be challenging to keep track of employees’ skills, interests, and expertise. Steegle.One’s people database, an innovative and fun feature within the platform, offers a powerful solution for unlocking your organization’s collective knowledge and fostering camaraderie among team members.

A Comprehensive People Database

Steegle.One’s people database allows users to create detailed profiles containing skills, hobbies, special interests, affiliations, locations, contact information, and more. This user-friendly people wiki enables easy searches for specific skills or expertise, helping you identify the right person for any task or project. For example, find all employees who speak German in the San Francisco office or those with an expert background in oil and gas or financial services.

Building Camaraderie with Social Discovery

The people database also features a unique social discovery function that displays random cover photos from user profiles, which change every few hours. This encourages employees to explore their colleagues’ interests, such as favorite sports teams, hobbies, or travel destinations, helping to build camaraderie and foster connections within the organization.

Maximizing Value through Knowledge Management

By providing easy access to a wealth of information about your team members, Steegle.One’s people database promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration across the organization. Unlike HR databases such as BambooHR or Workday, Steegle.One’s people database is designed to be fun and accessible to all employees, empowering the entire organization to benefit from its collective expertise.

Organizational charts directly from Google Workspace.

User looking at Employee Profile (Steegle People Tool)

The Power of Choices at Steegle.One

Employee Exploring Intranet (Steegle Intranet)


Steegle.One’s people database feature is a powerful tool for enhancing knowledge management, team building, and collaboration in today’s fast-paced and distributed work environments. By unlocking your organization’s hidden talents and fostering connections among employees, Steegle.One helps you maximize the value of your people and propel your organization to new heights of success.

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