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The Steegle.One Security Advantage

Discover how Steegle.One’s Google Workspace integration eliminates third-party data storage, enhancing security and compliance compared to competitors.


Does the idea of your intranet data residing outside your organization’s control raise security concerns? Unlike solutions like Lumapps, Happeo, and Jostle, which utilize external storage systems like Amazon S3, Steegle.One operates entirely within your existing Google Workspace. This unique approach offers superior data protection, control, and simplifies compliance. Let’s dive into the advantages of Steegle.One’s security-focused design.. Let’s dive into the advantages of Steegle.One’s security-focused design.

The Power of Google Workspace Integration

  • Data Stays In-House: Steegle.One seamlessly integrates with your Google Drive, ensuring all intranet data remains within your organization’s secure domain. This eliminates the risks and compliance complexities associated with third-party data storage.
  • Google-Level Security: Your intranet benefits from Google’s industry-leading security features, including robust encryption, access controls, and threat detection. This translates to enhanced protection for your most sensitive information.

Unmatched Control for Your Organization

  • Data Ownership: Steegle.One puts you in the driver’s seat. You retain full ownership and control over your intranet data, ensuring it aligns with your security standards and compliance requirements.
  • Customization Without Compromise: Adapt your intranet’s functionality and appearance to your exact needs, all while maintaining a highly secure environment within your Google Workspace.

Simplifying Compliance

  • Inherits Google Compliance: Steegle.One facilitates adherence to various regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2 / SOC 3, ISO 27018 etc.) by leveraging Google Workspace’s built-in compliance tools and certifications.
  • Streamlined Audits: Since your data never leaves your Google domain, security audits and compliance processes become significantly easier to manage.
Steegle.One Security Advantage: Unmatched Data Protection for Your Intranet<br />
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The table below provides a comparison of various intranet solutions and their primary data storage locations. It highlights a key differentiator for Steegle.One: its exclusive reliance on your existing Google Workspace. Unlike competitors like Lumapps, Happeo, and Jostle, which utilize external servers like Amazon S3 or have various deployment options, Steegle.One keeps all your intranet data securely within your organization’s Google Drive. This simplifies data ownership, compliance, and overall security posture.

Intranet Solution Primary Hosting Location(s) Notes
Steegle.One Google Workspace (Client's Own Domain) Unique in its exclusive reliance on the client's own Google Drive and Workspace - Eliminates third-party data storage risks, maximizes compliance control, leverages Google's robust security
SharePoint Microsoft Azure (for SharePoint Online) or On-Premise Servers Depends on the specific deployment model
Lumapps Microsoft Azure Data storage location and compliance implications may vary based on client setup
Bitrix24 Mix of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, & On-Premise Data storage location and compliance implications may vary based on client setup
Happeo Google Cloud Platform (GCP) While Happeo runs on GCP, data management and security responsibilities are still shared between Happeo and the client
Zoho Connect Zoho Data Centers (Likely US and Europe based) Zoho's data center locations might impact compliance for specific industries.
Yammer Microsoft Azure Part of the Microsoft ecosystem
Unily Microsoft Azure Unily offers seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 tools. A good choice for organizations heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.
Simpplr AWS Many software solutions rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, the software provider is ultimately responsible for the security and privacy of your confidential data.
Jostle AWS AWS provides a robust foundation for many software solutions. However, client data security depends on the provider's practices, not just their underlying cloud infrastructure.
Workplace by Meta Meta's Data Centers Workplace by Meta: Meta's Data Centers. Note: Meta has faced scrutiny regarding its data handling practices, making it important to evaluate their privacy policies in line with your organizational requirements
Workvivo AWS Workvivo relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Request details about their data handling procedures and how they ensure the protection of your sensitive information
Axero Solutions AWS Axero utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its infrastructure. It's important to inquire about their specific data security measures, encryption practices, and compliance certifications for protecting your information.
Interact Mix of AWS, Azure, & Private Data Centers Data storage location and compliance implications may vary based on client setup
Samepage Unclear Could not find reliable information
ThoughtFarmer Mix of AWS and Azure Offers some deployment flexibility
Claromentis Mix of AWS, Azure, & On-Premise Offers various deployment options

Disclaimer: The information presented in this table and content has been compiled from market knowledge and publicly available data. While we strive for accuracy, errors and omissions may occur. We do not assert any issues with the intranet solutions/hosting providers listed. This information is provided to raise awareness of potential data storage locations and encourage readers to conduct their own due diligence for their specific needs. Always consult directly with intranet providers for the most up-to-date and verified information.


In a world of complex cloud solutions, Steegle.One stands out with its Google Workspace-centric approach. This provides unmatched data security, control, and a streamlined path to compliance. If safeguarding your organization’s information is paramount, experience the Steegle.One advantage.

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