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Our Intranet Solution Is Licensed

Our intranet solution is licensed per user per year and designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, taking into account factors like size, organizational type (e.g., commercial or non-profit), and desired functionality. We do not charge extra for users added within a given year. Our licensing options and features ensure that every employee has a seamless and efficient experience.

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Steegle One Intranet desing portal using vibrant colours and uniquely designed custom buttons
Unlike other SaaS offerings, Steegle.One is built on your own Google Workspace, providing superior integration and value over our competitors that also integrate with Google, such as Lumapps or Happeo. We offer higher levels of security because your data remains within your own Google Workspace, and we always guarantee unbeatable prices when compared to these and similar products.
We can fully customize Steegle.One to meet your exact design goals and needs, because Steegle.One runs in your Google Workspace. You won’t be stuck with a dull clone of someone else’s site, and you won’t have to do heavy lifting setting up pages or navigation for your new intranet. In fact, we can have your brand new intranet up and running in as little as two weeks!
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What is Steegle.One's Price Guarantee?
  • We guarantee to beat the prices of major competitors like Jostle, LumApps, Happeo, Hub Engage, and up to 20 other leading intranet systems.
How do I qualify for the Price Guarantee?
  • Provide a quote or published price from a competitor website or a bespoke quote for comparable services.
Does the Price Guarantee apply to all services?
  • It applies to similar services offered by our competitors.
How does Steegle.One ensure the best value?
  • We leverage Google Workspace technology for enhanced security and cost efficiency. Our approach ensures we consistently beat competitor prices.
Does Steegle.One offer discounts for educational institutions and non-profits?
  • Yes, we provide additional discounts for educational institutions and non-profit organizations.
Can small companies expect personalized service?
  • Yes, we cater to a broad range of businesses, from small companies with only a few users to large installations of over 5000 users. Small companies receive personalized attention from a dedicated and responsive team, ensuring that every client, regardless of size, experiences our high standard of service.
Can I cancel at any time?
  • You can cancel any time up to the next yearly renewal point.
What if my user count grows?
  • We offer a 30% growth buffer within the year. For example, if you have 200 users, you can grow to 260 without extra costs.
How are price changes handled?
  • Prices are reviewed regularly but do not have a multiplier like some competitors. We provide upfront pricing for the next year, ensuring no unexpected fee changes.
How do I pay ?
  • For payments, Steegle.One accepts credit or debit cards and international bank transfers (IBAN). In North America, billing is in US dollars, and upon request, billing can be done in Australian dollars and euros for simplicity.
Is everything charged upfront?
  • Payment terms vary based on services. License purchases require full payment upfront. For larger or custom intranet projects, we implement a staged payment system, typically 70%/30%, with further adjustments for very large projects.
Will our intranet solution stop working if we don't renew the license next year?
  • No, your intranet won’t stop working. Your pages and data will remain as they are, but you will lose access to Steegle’s added value automated tools and the ability to search within them.
Why don't we publish prices upfront?
  • Upfront pricing is available for many tools, but custom intranet solutions require tailored pricing due to each organization’s unique needs. Factors influencing cost include sector-specific requirements, design customization, and specialized widget selection. To ensure you receive the best value for these bespoke solutions, we offer a price-beat guarantee. Additionally, we’re happy to provide a ballpark figure prior to a demonstration upon request.