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 Steegle.One Intranet: Rapid Intranet Deployment

Unrivalled Support for a Seamless Client Experience. Discover how Steegle.One’s fast intranet implementation and expert guidance empower clients to launch a fully-customized, user-friendly intranet in just two weeks.


In the realm of intranet solutions, the need for fast intranet implementation and robust support cannot be overstated. Steegle.One’s innovative no-code intranet solution, leveraging Google Sites for intranet creation, streamlines the process, enabling quick intranet setup without the need for extensive consultancy. This article delves into Steegle.One’s rapid intranet deployment method and how its client-centric service outshines the protracted implementations typical of competitors.

A Streamlined Implementation Process

  • Understanding Brand and House Style: The journey to a quick intranet setup begins with a deep dive into your organization’s brand and house style, ensuring the intranet reflects your unique identity, facilitating easy-to-use intranet experiences.
  • Rapid Pre-Alpha Template Creation: Within five working days, Steegle.One crafts a pre-alpha template incorporating your specific aesthetics. This approach not only accelerates the deployment process but also ensures the platform is an easy-to-use intranet from the start.
  • Iterative Customization: Steegle.One’s rapid intranet deployment is further enhanced by an iterative customization process. This user-friendly intranet platform evolves based on client feedback, avoiding the inefficiencies of traditional, consultant-heavy setups.
  • Content Migration and Integration: With Steegle.One, intranet implementation without consultants is a reality. The team aids in content migration from existing systems to the new Google Sites intranet, streamlining the transition and minimizing intranet change management challenges.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Steegle.One distinguishes itself from competitors by offering extensive training and support, ensuring clients can manage their no-code intranet solution effectively. This empowerment contrasts starkly with the drawn-out implementations and steep learning curves associated with other platforms.

    Steegle.One Project Initiation Process
    Steegle One Intranet Portal - An employee browsing through training resources


    Steegle.One Intranet transcends the traditional SaaS model, offering a rapid intranet deployment and a no-code intranet solution that’s both easy-to-use and customizable. By choosing Steegle.One, organizations can avoid the long implementation times of competitors, enjoy a user-friendly intranet platform, and benefit from a Google Sites intranet that’s quick to set up and aligned with their unique brand identity. Experience the unparalleled client support and seamless implementation process that sets Steegle.One apart.

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