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YMCA of Superior California
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“The Steegle.One solution transformed our communication and collaboration efforts, making a significant impact on our staff community.”
— Sierra Bamsey, Director of Marketing and Communications

Elevating Community Engagement and Operational Efficiency with Steegle.One

Founded over a century ago, the YMCA plays a crucial role in community development, offering programs focused on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. With a commitment to nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving the nation’s health and well-being, and giving back to and supporting communities, the YMCA is a pillar in California, serving thousands of members across multiple locations.


The YMCA faced challenges in maintaining effective communication and engagement across its vast and varied membership and staff. The need for a centralized platform was critical to streamline operations, share vital information, and foster a community spirit among the transient and permanent staff.


Implementing the Steegle.One Suite for Google Sites marked a pivotal moment for the YMCA of Superior California, driving forward its mission with enhanced efficiency and a deeper sense of community. This innovative solution has been key to supporting the YMCA’s diverse and dynamic environment, demonstrating the power of technology in enriching non-profit operations and community service.


Sierra Bamsey thoroughly evaluated various platforms, yet she ultimately championed Steegle.One Intranet for its unmatched simplicity, seamless login experience, intuitive editing capabilities, extensive customization, and budget-friendly nature. Her decision was informed by a desire not just for technical superiority but for a solution that resonated with the organization’s ethos of inclusivity and efficiency. This choice was about more than just features; it was about finding a platform that could bring together a diverse workforce under one digital roof, fostering a sense of unity and accessibility for all employees.

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  • Location: YMCA of Superior California – Multiple locations in California, USA. Steegle – UK-based, global Google Sites solutions.
  • Industry: Non-Profit, Community Development (Youth, Health, Social Responsibility).
  • Members and Staff: Hundreds employees; serves thousands of members.
  • Solution Provider: – Google Sites design, News Feeds, Newsletters, Community Groups, File Library Sharing, Employee Org Charts, Employee Celebrations and Recognition.
  • Contact Steegle: Contact Page

“Partnering with Steegle was transformative, as Steegle.One was notably simple and integrated seamlessly with Google Workspace. Their dedication to understanding our specific needs and customizing the solution accordingly was outstanding. The ease of the platform’s implementation quickly aligned with our mission to strengthen community bonds. Steegle’s support was crucial in reaching our objectives, demonstrating their commitment to making a meaningful impact. Our employees have blossomed, uncovering hidden talents and strengths within each other that our spread-out family had kept concealed, thereby enhancing our organization’s collective capabilities.”

Sierra Bamsey

Director of Marketing and Communications, YMCA of Superior California

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