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“Steegle’s intranet solutions aptly align with the specific needs of modern enterprises.” – Tom Box

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Founded in 2000, Blue Zoo stands as a premier British animation studio renowned for award-winning series like Alphablocks, Numberblocks, and The Adventures of Paddington Bear. Operating from their hubs in London and Brighton and powered by a fervent team of over 200 artists, Blue Zoo’s company wide commitment to inclusivity and environmental standards has been acknowledged with their B Corp certification in 2021.


As Blue Zoo broadened its horizons, the imperative for a user-friendly, efficient employee experience system intensified to improve productivity. Happeo intranet, their initial choice a few years back, while usable had some challenges Many of its features were to complex for a mid size organisation with limited management resources and social engagement tools seemed redundant given Blue Zoo’s use of Google Chat, leading to inefficiencies and a less than optimal user experience.

Furthermore, Happeo’s constrained setup, combined with its relatively high price point, mismatched with Blue Zoo’s vision of a nimble, cost-effective, and flexible platform that could fully reflect the engaging Bluezoo brand. A pivotal concern was the safe containment of sensitive HR data, eliminating unwarranted third-party risks.


Steegle’s Steegle.One News and People tools, renowned for their well-designed interfaces and content-management capabilities, coupled with their competitive pricing, perfectly mirrored Blue Zoo’s requirements. Designed to work harmoniously side by side to Google Chat, these tools promised to curate timeless stories, bolstering comms and overall employee productivity.

The Intranet portal’s look and feel could be effortlessly custom-tailored, allowing Blue Zoo to infuse their unique branding and visual design finesse. Moreover, with Steegle’s solutions, all data was anchored securely within Blue Zoo’s Google Workspace, with single sign-on ensuring quick, secure access and obliterating any third-party security apprehensions.

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Key Facts - Client Success Stories

  • Location: Blue Zoo Animation Studio – Headquartered in London with a hub in Brighton, UK.
    Industry: Entertainment (Animation).
  • Size: A leading British animation studio with over 200 artists, known for award-winning series like Alphablocks, Numberblocks, and The Adventures of Paddington Bear.
  • Challenges: As Blue Zoo expanded, it sought an employee experience system that was user-friendly and efficient to enhance productivity.
  • Solution: Steegle One Tools and Google Sites platform
  • Outcome: The transition to Steegle’s intranet solutions enabled Blue Zoo to achieve a platform that was not only functional and financially viable but also customizable to reflect their unique branding.
  • Conclusion: Blue Zoo’s shift to Steegle.One highlights the importance of choosing communication platforms that align with a company’s specific operational needs..
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In our modern digital era, especially for industries hinging on intellectual property, businesses must champion communication platforms that are effective, customizable, and robustly secure. Blue Zoo Animation Studio’s pivot to Steegle’s intranet solutions epitomizes the imperative of aligning tools with a company’s nuanced operational needs, ensuring efficiency, branding cohesion, and paramount data security.

Transitioning to Steegle was a decision driven by both functionality and finance. Their team, pragmatic and attuned, understood our intricate needs, presenting an Internet portal that was not only intuitive but allowed our unique branding to flourish. The well-designed tools enhanced the new intranet’s deployment, making content management a breeze and unveiling hidden talents within our ranks. Their price point was a breath of fresh air, providing significant value. Most importantly, our trust was reinforced, knowing our data remains protected within our Google Workspace.

Tom Box

Co-Founder, Blue Zoo Animation

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