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“Steegle transformed our transition from Microsoft’s SharePoint to Google Sites.” – Alex Rapoport

Seamless Migration with HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

apree health is a privately held healthcare organization established in 2022 by Castlight Health and Vera Whole Health, and it is located in Seattle, Washington. Serving over 10 million members, apree health offers data-driven, personalized health plans through its three core products: apree digital, apree whole health, and apree total outcomes. In 2022, apree health decided to transition from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace to improve collaboration. However, given SharePoint’s (part of the Microsoft 365 suite) deep integration into apree health’s infrastructure, they required expert assistance for transitioning this platform to Google Sites.


Having initially been anchored to Microsoft Office 365, with SharePoint integral to their infrastructure, apree health’s decision to migrate to Google Workspace wasn’t without its complexities. While the transition of core apps and email data was relatively linear, moving from SharePoint to Google Sites, especially when considering HIPAA and GDPR compliance like SharePoint, required dedicated expertise.


apree health engaged Steegle, globally renowned for their expertise in Google Sites, to handle the SharePoint to Google Sites migration. The process began with Steegle’s comprehensive analysis of the functionality of the existing Microsoft SharePoint sites. This was followed by designing enhanced Google Sites and conducting extensive training sessions for apree health’s staff to ensure a seamless transition. Despite the complex nature of the project, Steegle’s in-depth expertise and commitment to understanding apree health’s unique needs ensured successful completion as well as compliance to exacting data security needs.

Case Study: Facilitating apree health's Migration from Microsoft 365 SharePoint to Google Sites with Steegle

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  • Location: Apree Health, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA, serves over 10 million members.
    Industry: A healthcare leader, formed by merging Castlight Health and Vera Whole Health.
  • Size: A large-scale provider with a data-driven, personalized healthcare approach.
  • Challenges: Transitioned from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, requiring seamless integration and compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.
  • Solution Provider: delivered a Google Sites-based CMS Intranet, Steegle.One optimizing Google Workspace integration for a collaborative intranet platform.
  • Outcome: Achieved an enhanced digital workplace platform with improved internal communication tools and employee engagement.
  • Conclusion: Apree Health’s migration underscores the value of a tailored Google Workspace intranet solution in the healthcare sector, enhancing efficiency and compliance.
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Steegle developed a new set of Google Sites templates and complementary tools, enabling operations to continue seamlessly and enhancing usability, especially for mobile users. The migration to Google Sites improved the presentation of news and announcements and optimized file-sharing capabilities all in adherence with HIPAA and GDPR compliance standards required in healthcare.

Steegle’s professionalism and adaptability were instrumental in our successful transition to Google Sites. Despite the tight timeline and the complexities involved, their expertise in Google Sites and commitment to understanding and addressing our unique needs was evident. The outcome is a substantial enhancement in apree health’s productivity and collaboration, all accomplished cost-effectively. Steegle’s dedication to ensuring a seamless, value-conscious transition has undeniably earned them a well-deserved five-star rating from us.

Alex Rapoport

IT Director, apree health

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