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Wyyerd Fiber
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“Steegle’s team truly understood our vision and surpassed what we imagined.” – Kelsie Deiter

Wyyerd Fiber's Intranet and Internal Dialogue Transformation with Steegle.One

Founded in 2017, Wyyerd Fiber has emerged as a leading telecommunications company in the United States, offering fiber optic internet services to both residential and business sectors. Renowned for its commitment to a customer-first approach, the company differentiates itself with transparent, flat-rate pricing and cutting-edge, high-speed fiber-optic technology.


With rapid expansion, Wyyerd Fiber faced the complexities of managing internal communications among its growing, geographically dispersed workforce of over 300 employees. The existing intranet, based on Google Sites, had initially supported collaboration and centralized the storage of procedures and practices. However, as the company evolved, the need for a more sophisticated system to manage employee information, securely share news, and streamline file access became increasingly critical.


Wyyerd Fiber engaged with Steegle and their Steegle.One Suite for Google Workspace to address these challenges. The collaborative process focused on tailoring the intranet to meet Wyyerd Fiber’s unique requirements. Importantly, the integration of Steegle’s suite into the existing intranet was a gradual process, ensuring each element proved its value to the organization before full implementation.

Key Deliverables

  • Enhanced Employee Directory and Org Chart: Streamlining employee information management to improve communication and collaboration.
Wyyerd Fiber Intranet Home Page
Wyyerd Fiber People Directory


The implementation of Steegle.One at Wyyerd Fiber highlights how customized digital tools can profoundly improve internal communication and operational efficiency. This strategic initiative has not only streamlined company processes but has also solidified Wyyerd Fiber’s dedication to a transparent, employee-focused culture.

Key Facts - Client Success Stories


  • Location: US-based, offering high-speed fiber-optic internet in multiple regions in Arizona and California
  • Industry: Telecommunications.
  • Challenges: Enhancing internal communications for a growing, dispersed team.
  • Solution: Steegle.One Suite for a Google Workspace intranet, improving the digital workplace platform.
  • Outcome: Upgraded intranet with better employee directory, file library, and news system, boosting the collaborative intranet platform.
  • Conclusion: Wyyerd Fiber’s intranet revamp in key locations like the Southeast highlights a streamlined, engaging, and secure employee engagement intranet.
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The Steegle.One deployment has revolutionized Wyyerd Fiber’s approach to internal communications and resource management. The revamped intranet now serves as a vital hub for the entire workforce, enhancing both accessibility and engagement. Employees benefit from a more interactive and user-friendly experience, coupled with streamlined access to vital organizational resources.

The Steegle Team has consistently exceeded our expectations, significantly enhancing our intranet’s depth and interactivity. The decision to renew for another year was straightforward, given the substantial benefits we’ve experienced.

Chad Neuser

Technology Leader, Wyyerd Fiber

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