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Sacred Heart
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“The collaboration not only made our operations smoother but also freed us to concentrate more on our core mission.” – Bill Roth

The advantages of expertise became apparent

Founded in 1964, Sacred Heart Community Service is far more than a conventional non-profit; it is a beacon of hope for thousands of residents in San Jose, California. Driven by a noble vision to eradicate poverty through hope, opportunity, and action, the organization offers a plethora of services, from food distribution to educational programs. With a resolute commitment to social justice, Sacred Heart stands as a living testament to the power of community unity and love, advocating that everyone has a fundamental right to basic necessities like food, clothing, and education.


Despite its far-reaching impact, Sacred Heart faced the logistical challenges that come with growth. Bill Roth, a seasoned non-executive with extensive experience in technology projects, initially weighed the option of building an in-house communication system. As the team took stock of the time and resources required, it became increasingly clear that their efforts would be better channeled through specialized external expertise.


This realization led them to Steegle.One’s intranet solutions, a harmonious fit for Sacred Heart’s unique requirements. Customizable, user-friendly, and fully integrated, Steegle.One filled the void the organization had long sought to plug. In a nod to Sacred Heart’s charitable endeavors, Steegle also extended a special, favorable rate

Sacred Heart Intranet portal designed with Steegle.One Intranet Solution for Google Workspace


In today’s tech-dominated landscape, even a profoundly human-centered organization like Sacred Heart requires efficient, secure digital platforms to amplify their societal impact. Their collaboration with Steegle.One acts as a strong endorsement for the platform, highlighting its aptitude in catering to the unique needs of mission-driven entities. Sacred Heart’s resource management and internal communication have been substantially uplifted, thanks to Steegle.One, enabling them to serve their community even more effectively.

“Initially, I believed our internal capabilities were sufficient. But once we engaged with Steegle, the advantages of their expertise became apparent. The collaboration not only made our operations smoother but also freed us to concentrate more on our core mission—serving the individuals and families who count on us. The system’s design flexibility and ease of adaptation were standouts, enabling us to meet our evolving organizational needs seamlessly. Despite working remotely, the Steegle team demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and purpose, making the partnership incredibly effective. They were available when we needed them, and gave us the guidance we needed.”

Bill Roth

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