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Soar Autism Center
AppSheet Solution

ParentLink: Steegle.One's Communication Solution for Soar Autism Center

Soar Autism Center, based in Colorado and Arizona, provides a play-focused approach to autism therapy, aiming to improve outcomes for children with autism through integrated, multi-disciplinary services. The organization, founded by a physician entrepreneur and education expert, faced communication challenges as it grew. Traditional methods such as meetings and paper-based documentation were insufficient for their expanding needs. Steegle addressed these challenges by developing a custom AppSheet application named ParentLink.


With Soar Autism Center’s rapid growth and multiple sites, the organization faced several key challenges:

  • Scalability: Traditional communication methods and paper-based documentation were not scalable or real-time.
  • Information Accessibility: Student information, staff profiles, handbooks, manuals, and other important documents were not easy for parents to access.
  • Secure Parent Communication: The need for a secure method to share progress updates and activities with parents while ensuring privacy and data security.


Steegle developed ParentLink, a custom AppSheet application, to streamline communication and information sharing between staff and parents. This application provided a secure, user-friendly platform for sharing progress updates and activities.


The implementation of ParentLink involved several key steps:

  • Requirement Analysis: Steegle conducted detailed consultations with Soar Autism Center to understand their specific needs and challenges.
  • AppSheet Development: Utilizing AppSheet’s no-code platform, Steegle developed ParentLink tailored to Soar’s specific needs.
  • Testing and Feedback: The application underwent rigorous testing, and feedback from staff and parents was incorporated to refine the solution.
  • Training: Steegle provided comprehensive training to Soar’s staff to ensure smooth adoption and effective use of the application.

Features of ParentLink

  • Centralized Communication: ParentLink serves as a centralized platform where staff can securely upload and share information with parents.
  • Secure Photo Uploads: Staff can upload photos of children’s activities and progress securely. Each parent has access only to their child’s information, ensuring privacy.
  • Ease of Use: The application is intuitive, requiring minimal technical expertise from both staff and parents.
  • Real-Time Updates: Parents receive real-time notifications and updates, enhancing their involvement and engagement with their child’s therapy.

Key Facts - Client Success Stories

  • Client: Soar Autism Center
  • Industry: Healthcare (Autism Therapy)
  • Location: Colorado and Arizona, USA
  • Challenges: Scalability, Information Accessibility, Secure Parent Communication
  • Size: 200 Employees
  • Solution: Partnered with Steegle, Tailored Steegle.One’s expertise to create a dynamic, user-friendly communication tool.
  • Outcome: Enhanced communication, improved efficiency, cost-effective solution, positive feedback from parents
  • Contact Steegle: Contact Page
Soar Autism Center


The implementation of ParentLink transformed Soar Autism Center’s communication with parents, delivering significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Communication: Parents received timely and secure updates about their child’s progress, fostering better engagement and collaboration.
  • Improved Efficiency: The centralized platform reduced the administrative burden on staff, allowing them to focus more on providing quality care.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Traditional app development would have cost over $100,000 due to security requirements, solution hosting, and other complications. Using Google technology and AppSheet, the solution was implemented at a small fraction of the cost and completed rapidly.
  • Positive Feedback: Parents appreciated the ease of access to information and the secure, real-time updates provided by the application.


By partnering with Steegle, Soar Autism Center successfully addressed their communication challenges with a custom AppSheet solution. The ParentLink application not only enhanced the quality of care provided to children but also strengthened the relationship between the center and the parents. Steegle continues to support Soar in leveraging technology to improve outcomes for children with autism.

I would highly recommend Steegle to anyone looking to create an app for their organization. The ParentLink application has greatly improved our communication with parents, allowing us to share progress updates securely and efficiently. The Steegle team made the process easy for us and provided excellent support throughout the project. We are extremely satisfied with the service and support provided by Steegle and give them a 5-star rating!

Dr. Ian Goldstein

Co-Founder and CEO, Soar Autism Center

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