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(CA)nnection Implements AppSheet for Improved Data Management, Growth and Collaboration

(CA)nnection is a specialist recruitment company established by Russell Field that specializes in finding Chartered Accountants and Finance Professionals for international opportunities. Despite its rapid growth, the company faced challenges with its spreadsheet-based workflow and maintaining data integrity.

Dilemma: Systems Can't Keep Pace with Growth

Initially, (CA)nnection relied on traditional recruitment packages. However, to gain a competitive edge, the company used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to support its main package, tracking workflow and providing clients with snapshots of their accounts and candidates.

However, with the company’s rapid growth and staff in remote international locations, spreadsheets were no longer sufficient and were prone to errors. According to Russell Field, CEO of (CA)nnection:

“As a distributed international organization, we faced the dilemma of investing in a new third-party application or finding a different solution.”

Solution: AppSheet as a Quick and Secure Alternative recommended that (CA)nnection consider AppSheet to build a more robust and secure front-end for its data management needs. The solution would maintain the familiar logic of the spreadsheet environment and could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively without the need for data migration. Steegle reassured (CA)nnection that AppSheet would integrate seamlessly with the existing Microsoft technology.

Iterative Implementation with Steegle

Since (CA)nnection lacked in-house technology expertise, it worked with Steegle on an iterative approach, starting with a feasibility study. Steegle transformed (CA)nnection‘s spreadsheets into a working prototype based on AppSheet technology.

Key Facts - Client Success Stories

  • Client: (CA)nnection
  • Industry: Staffing and Recruiting
  • Location: London, England
  • Challenges: Spreadsheet-based workflow, data integrity, rapid growth, remote international staff
  • Size: 50 Employees
  • Solution: Partnered with Steegle, tailored Steegle.One’s expertise to create a dynamic, robust system using AppSheet
  • Outcome: Enhanced communication, improved efficiency, cost-effective solution, real-time data collaboration, easy data management, user-friendly interface, customization and automation options, improved data security, improved internal control system
  • Contact Steegle: Contact Page


After testing the prototype, (CA)nnection implemented an overhaul of its spreadsheet to AppSheet for 2023. According to Russell Field:

“It’s amazing that in a short amount of time, we now have a robust system that meets our strategic and practical needs and gives us an edge over the rigid working environment of an off-the-shelf package. Our staff were able to quickly adapt to the new system.”

  • Real-time data collaboration
  • Easy data management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customization and automation options
  • Improved data security
  • Improved internal control system


(CA)nnection successfully addressed its data management and collaboration challenges by implementing AppSheet, a secure and user-friendly solution that maintained its existing workflow logic and intellectual property. The new system offers real-time data collaboration, easy data management, improved data security, and more, enabling (CA)nnection to continue its rapid growth and success.

“With a new internal control system, we now have a solid platform to build on and add extra functionality, new reports, and enhanced auditability. We have the benefit of a nimble and trustworthy organization that can perform rapid changes in days, not weeks or months like traditional organizations.”

Russell Field

Founder & Director, (CA)nnection

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