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“We choose Steegle One, after reviewing alternative services, its track record of delivering corporate intranets that matched our business goals.” – Ann White

Squall Inc. Unifies Its Distributed Team with Steegle.One Intranet

Founded in 2001, Squall Inc. is Canada’s leading online B2B news publisher, headquartered in Ottawa. The company specializes in news publishing, targeted advertising, and corporate content creation. Operating platforms like The Real Estate News Exchange and Sustainable Biz Canada, Squall Inc. has been delivering timely and informative content to industry professionals across Canada since its inception.


As Squall Inc. grew rapidly, the need for a unified and efficient internal communication system became increasingly critical. Although they were using Google Workspace, it fell short in centralizing various functional aspects and controlling third-party access via an extranet. Creating an in-house solution was an option, but time-intensive and lacking the specialized tools Steegle offers for file sharing, communication, and human capital management. As a result, Squall Inc. chose to partner with Steegle for a more efficient intranet solution.


Steegle’s intranet solutions perfectly aligned with Squall Inc.’s objectives. Fully compatible with Google Workspace, these tools enhanced internal communication and information sharing among their distributed team. The intranet portal, named “Above The Clouds,” was completely customizable. This allowed Squall to integrate its unique branding while maintaining the ability to edit and expand the site independently, following comprehensive training from Steegle. Moreover, all data would be securely hosted within Google Workspace, mitigating any concerns about data misuse.

Squall News Home Page Screenshot


In today’s digital landscape, forward-thinking companies like Squall Inc. can collaborate globally without needing old fashion cumbersome office infrastructure. They require agile, secure, and efficient platforms to stay competitive. By selecting Steegle, Squall Inc. successfully launched a dynamic intranet that aligns with their operational needs and growth objectives quickly and cost effectively. This partnership has improved internal communication, unified their brand message, and reinforced data security—essential components for their continued success.

We choose Steegle One, after reviewing alternative services, because of its integration with Google Workspace, and its track record of delivering corporate intranets that matched our business goals. By utilizing our in-house website design skills, Steegle expertise, proprietary add-ons and speed of execution, we have been able to create an Intranet we anticipate will significantly boost employee productivity, on a timely basis, for our entirely remote workforce.

Ann White

Founder and CEO, Squall

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