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Lombard School
Google Sites Intranet

“Steegle.One has been a brilliant and effective
way to achieve productivity” – Allie Hahn

Leveraging Steegle.One for Enhanced Connectivity and Productivity

Lombard Elementary School District 44 comprises several schools catering to students from pre-kindergarten through middle school. The district is dedicated to fostering academic excellence, innovation, and collaboration among its staff and students. The district is home to several Blue Ribbon Schools, exceptionally talented educators, award-winning programs, and world-class fine arts and music programs.


As the teaching staff surpassed 500, identifying job roles and contact information became increasingly difficult, leading to communication bottlenecks and hindering networking and effective resource allocation. The sheer size and complexity of the teaching staff, coupled with the lack of a centralized staff directory, made it challenging for individuals to connect with the appropriate colleagues promptly. This situation resulted in impeded collaboration, reduced productivity, and negatively impacted staff morale.


Implementing Steegle.One improved communication and collaboration among staff, allowing them to quickly locate colleagues, fostering a more connected and engaged educational community.

Lombard Elementary School District 44 using the Steegle.One tool for their staff directory.

In my role of operations, I am always seeking ways to enhance our productivity and make people’s jobs easier while ensuring the security and privacy of our information. Steegle.One has been a brilliant and effective way to achieve this. It streamlined our communication processes and provided a user-friendly experience for our staff that was seamless to integrate into our intranet. Steegle’s commitment to providing exceptional value by regularly updating the tool with added features and addressing our district’s unique needs has made Steegle.One People an indispensable resource for fostering a more connected, efficient, and engaged educational community while keeping our data secure within our own Google Workspace.

Allie Hahn

Director of Operations, Lombard School

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