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“Adopting the Steegle.One Platform propelled KA into an era of modernized communication and collaboration.” – Chris Colucci

Steegle.One Platform: The Game-Changing Upgrade for KA

Kikokushijo Academy (KA) is a leading provider of English language education in Japan. The company was founded in 2004 with a mission to provide international and returnee students with a high-quality education that prepares them for success.

KA is committed to academic excellence, cultural integration, and comprehensive educational support. The academy offers a wide range of tailored programs, fostering an enriching and immersive English language learning environment.


KA’s commitment to excellence necessitated a dynamic and secure internal communication platform. However, with the obsolescence of their prior intranet software, KA faced the challenge of finding an alternative that could effectively integrate with Google Sites, ensuring security and leveraging the familiarity of their Google Workspace platform.

Outcome and Unexpected Discovery

As KA scoured through possible alternatives, they initially stumbled upon Steegle News, which caught their attention for simple announcements and newsletters. What came next was a serendipitous revelation. As KA delved further, they unearthed the full suite of the Steegle.One Platform and were enthralled by its potential.

This was not just an alternative; it was a monumental enhancement. With features like a powerful staff directory, organizational charts, and file sharing tools, Steegle.One was a holistic answer to KA’s communication and collaboration challenges.

Moreover, the Steegle.One Platform offered streamlined communication channels, intuitive resource management, and reinforced security. As an educational institution, KA was also delighted to find that Steegle provided education-specific pricing, making it not only an incredible but also an affordable solution.

Implementation and Results

KA’s implementation of Steegle.One transformed their academic environment into a centralized hub. With efficient communication channels, enriched academic resources, and a supportive and inclusive virtual environment, KA fortified its commitment to excellence and brought a paradigm shift to the educational experience of its stakeholders.

Kikokushijo Academy using Steegle.One Google Sites tools


KA’s discovery of the Steegle.One Platform was a watershed moment for the academy. The platform’s exhaustive features and capabilities have not only met KA’s immediate needs, but they have also opened new avenues for innovation and excellence in education. Through this implementation, KA has further solidified its commitment to delivering unparalleled education to its international and expatriate students.

Embracing the Steegle.One Platform was an astonishing breakthrough for KA. As Director, my quest was to find a solution that seamlessly integrated with our international educational ethos. The depth and breadth of features in Steegle’s suite were beyond what we had imagined. The integration was remarkably smooth, and it expanded our horizons in communication, collaboration, and resource management. The educational pricing was the cherry on top! The Steegle team’s exceptional support and the platform’s user-friendly interface have catapulted our academic environment to unprecedented heights.

Chris Colucci

IT Manager, Kikokushijo Academy

The Steegle.One Platform has been a game-changer for KA. The platform’s intuitive interface and powerful features have made it easy for our team to communicate and collaborate more effectively. The Steegle team has also been incredibly supportive, providing us with the resources and training we need to get the most out of the platform. We are confident that Steegle.One will continue to help us improve our educational environment and deliver a better experience for our users.

Junko Mogi

Assistant Head of Tech Operations and Communications, Kikokushijo Academy

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