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“Three years on, the Steegle.One solution continues to be a cornerstone of our vibrant, interactive hub for our global team, significantly enhancing our communications and employee experience.” — Grisette Lizardo

Revitalizing Global Communications with Steegle.One Suite for Google Sites

Established in 1860, Frette epitomizes luxury in the bedding and fine linens industry, with a storied history of serving royalty and the elite. As a beacon of excellence in craftsmanship and quality, Frette has expanded its collection to include an array of home decor items, making its mark in prestigious retail locations such as Harrods, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue. In the realm of luxury goods, particularly within the fashion industry, Frette has continually innovated while maintaining its heritage, setting the bar high for luxury linens worldwide.


Maintaining cohesive internal communication within Frette’s global presence posed a significant challenge. The need for an employee intranet for the luxury bedding industry that could deliver engaging, dynamic content without extensive manual intervention was clear. The Human Resources team, tasked with unifying a dispersed workforce, required a global intranet solution that was both efficient and secure, aligning with the unique demands of the luxury goods sector.


Frette’s initiative to overhaul its internal communications with Steegle’s expertise highlights the critical role of modern intranet solutions in enhancing employee experience and operational efficiency. The Steegle.One Suite for Google Sites stands out as a premier choice for companies, especially in industries like fashion, seeking global intranet solutions that offer customization, security, and scalability. Frette’s journey from a traditional intranet to a dynamic, engaging platform underscores the importance of adopting technology that supports a connected, informed, and engaged global workforce.

Key Facts - Client Success Stories


  • Client: Frette (global luxury linens and home decor)

  • Industry: Luxury Retail

  • Location: Monza, Italy, with global operations and a worldwide retail presence.

  • Challenges: Dispersed workforce communication. Need for a dynamic, engaging intranet for internal comms. Security is paramount.

  • Size: 500 employees
    Solution: Partnered with, Implemented Steegle.One Suite for Google Sites
    Outcome: Revitalized global intranet
    Improved communication and employee experience
    Key Features: Global employee directory News, Forums & updates. Employee recognition Secure file sharing Brand-aligned design. Google Workspace integration global workforce communication

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Frette Global


The collaboration with Steegle to revitalize Frette’s intranet platform was pivotal. Through the implementation of the Steegle.One Suite, Frette developed an employee experience intranet that not only captivated but also functioned seamlessly across its global operations. This intranet solution for dispersed workforces incorporated:

  • An advanced employee directory for global companies, facilitating better connectivity and collaboration.
  • Intranet news sections to keep staff updated on company and industry developments.
  • Intranets with shout-outs or recognition features, building a culture of appreciation and achievement.
  • File libraries for intranets, ensuring essential resources were readily available to all employees.
  • Utilization of Google Sites intranets, specifically chosen by Frette for its robust security and integration capabilities.


Frette’s intranet was further enhanced with:

  • Customization options for branding that resonates with the aesthetics of the fashion industry.
  • Advanced security features, crucial for protecting sensitive information in the luxury goods market.
  • Integration with existing tools, such as G Suite, streamlining operations and communication.
  • Scalability to support Frette’s growth and expanding global footprint.
  • A mobile-friendly design, accommodating the diverse ways global employees access the intranet.

“Partnering with Steegle has revolutionized our approach to internal communications. Over the last three years, their expertise has transformed our basic Google Site into a dynamic, interactive hub, fostering a stronger connection among our global workforce. The versatility of the Steegle.One Suite, combined with Steegle’s consistent support, has been key to the enduring effectiveness of our intranet. Their dedication to improving our digital workspace and deep knowledge of the Google Workspace environment have proven them to be an essential ally for Frette.”

Grisette Lizardo

Human Resources Generalist (Intranet Lead), Frette

“As the Global HR Director at Frette North America, the Steegle.One Suite intranet has transformed our global communication and culture. It’s been crucial in uniting our team by highlighting company news, enforcing brand standards, and celebrating achievements across the globe. The platform allows easy access to brand files, ensuring everyone is aligned with our core values, regardless of location. Over the years, this has significantly improved staff role clarity and fostered a deeper understanding of our brand. It’s especially rewarding to see our employees take pride in their work and receive recognition. The intranet has proven to be an invaluable tool for building a connected and informed global workforce.”

Samantha MacConnell

Global Human Resources Director, Frette

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