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“Before our new intranet, onboarding felt disjointed. Now, new team members walk in the door already feeling like part of the Kinship family.”
Timothy Tang, Director at Kinship

Streamlining Onboarding and Knowledge Sharing with Steegle.One Suite for Google Sites

Kinship, a subsidiary of Mars Petcare, leads a revolution within the pet care industry. Combining a passion for pets with technological innovation, they develop cutting-edge products and services that enhance both pet and pet parent experiences. Driven by a strong community ethos, Kinship strives to make the world a better place for pets and the people who love them, eg the “adopt-a-pet scheme” linking 21,000 pet shelters and homes.


  • Speedy Onboarding in a Fast-Paced Environment: Kinship’s rapid growth demanded a streamlined onboarding process to quickly integrate new hires into their dynamic, technology-led culture. A tech-driven solution was needed to provide a consistent and efficient onboarding experience.
  • Centralizing Knowledge for a Growing Company: As Kinship expanded and developed new brands and initiatives, managing the flow of company information, policies, and resources became challenging. A  technology-based solution could create a centralized knowledge hub, essential for knowledge sharing and collaboration in a scaling organization.
  • Maintaining Culture in a Hybrid World: With a mix of in-person and remote employees, Kinship needed a way to foster a strong and connected company culture.  Technology could play a pivotal role, offering tools for engagement, communication, and a sense of community, bridging the gap between in-office and remote teams.
  • Robust Data Security: As part of the Mars Petcare family, Kinship was subject to stringent data security standards. Any technology solution had to prioritize data protection, ensuring compliance and maintaining integrity.


Kinship’s focus on a secure and powerful intranet solution addresses the challenges that come with rapid growth while nurturing a dynamic company culture. This case study demonstrates how technology, when implemented with security as a top priority, can ensure a consistent, supportive employee experience essential for a company in this fast-paced industry.

Key Facts - Client Success Stories

  • Client: Kinship (pet care innovation leader)
  • Industry: Pet Care
  • Location: California with growing global operations
  • Challenges: Rapid onboarding, knowledge access, culture building, robust security
  • Size: 300 Emplyees
  • Solution: Partnered with Steegle, Tailored Stegele.One intranet implementation with a focus on data custodianship.
  • Outcome: Streamlined processes, centralized knowledge, enhanced culture, and maintained security standards.
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Kinship Intranet Portal


Kinship collaborated with the Steegle team to create a secure, engaging, and customized Steegle.One intranet solution. Key features incorporated:

  • Automated Onboarding Workflows: New hires are guided through a structured process with checklists, introductory videos, and essential resources, minimizing onboarding time.  
  • Knowledge Hub: A comprehensive, searchable library for company policies, brand guidelines, marketing assets, and best practices.
  • Culture Building Features: Employee recognition, pet info sharing, forums for collaboration, fostering a sense of community and belonging. 
  • Enhanced Security: Kinship retains full data custodianship, with Steegle.One implementations designed to work seamlessly within Kinship’s secure domain. 

Additional Considerations

  • Focus on Usability: The intranet is designed for accessibility and ease of use, prioritizing a positive employee experience.
  • Scalability: The solution allows for seamless growth alongside Kinship’s expanding operations.
  • Employee Feedback: Kinship actively gathers feedback from employees, ensuring the intranet aligns with staff needs and fosters a sense of ownership.

    Streamlining Onboarding and Knowledge Sharing with a Secure, Dynamic Intranet
    “Our partnership with Steegle has been vital to our rapid expansion. Their intranet has transformed onboarding, centralizing our knowledge base, and fostering company culture from day one – all while maintaining the robust security standards demanded by our industry.”

    Timothy Tang

    Director, Kinship

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