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The Future of Internal Communication: 20 Trends to Watch in 2024
The Future of Internal Communication: 20 Trends to Watch in 2024

The world of internal communication is rapidly evolving. As we look ahead to 2024, here are 20 key trends that will shape how organizations connect and engage with their employees using solutions like Steegle One.

1. AI-Powered Intranets

Artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in powering next-gen intranets and communication platforms. AI can personalize content, provide intelligent search, and even draft communications. Steegle One leverages AI to deliver tailored user experiences.

2. Integrated Digital Workplaces

In 2024, standalone intranets will be replaced by integrated digital workplace solutions that bring together communication, collaboration, knowledge management and productivity tools in one place. Steegle One provides a unified hub for the digital workplace.

3. Employee Experience Portals

Organizations will invest in employee experience portals that serve as a single gateway to resources, support, and services employees need to be engaged and productive. Steegle’s portal is designed around the employee experience journey.

Employee browsing training resources on Steegle One portal

4. Video-First Communications

Video will become the dominant medium for executive communications, training, and employee-generated content. Steegle makes it easy to create, share and discover videos across the organisation.

5. Mobile Intranets

With remote and deskless workers on the rise, mobile-optimised intranets that deliver a great experience across devices will be essential. Steegle One is designed mobile-first to keep all employees connected.

6. Social Intranets

Intranets will borrow best practices from social media to drive engagement through features like user profiles, activity feeds, reactions, and #channels. Steegle’s social intranet capabilities foster vibrant communities.

Feature Benefit
User Profiles Employees can learn about and connect with colleagues
Activity Feeds Get a pulse on what’s happening across the organization
#Channels Join interest-based communities and discussions

7. Personalized Communications

One-size-fits-all communications won’t cut it in 2024. Intranets will use data and preferences to target and tailor messaging, delivering relevant information to each employee. Steegle’s Broadcast Center makes personalization easy.

8. Analytics-Driven

Intranet managers will leverage analytics to track adoption, engagement and the impact of their communications – and use those insights to continually optimise. Steegle Analytics provides actionable data to demonstrate and improve ROI.

9. Agile Governance

Organisations will adopt agile governance models for their intranets – putting control in the hands of distributed content creators while maintaining standards and oversight. Steegle’s governance tools make this balance possible.

10. Inclusive Design

Intranets will be designed with accessibility and inclusivity in mind, ensuring they can be used by employees of all abilities. Steegle One follows inclusive design principles and WCAG guidelines.

11. Multilingual Support

As workforces become more globally distributed, intranets will need to support multiple languages. Steegle makes it easy to create multilingual sites and translate content.

12. Third-Party Integrations

Open platforms that integrate with best-of-breed third party tools will be essential. Steegle integrates with 100+ popular apps so you can connect your existing tools and systems.

Popular Integrations:

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Workday

13. Knowledge Management

Intranets will double-down on knowledge management, making it easy to capture, organize and surface knowledge across the organization. Steegle’s Knowledge Base allows you to build an easily searchable repository of FAQs, documents, and guides.

14. Employee Recognition

Intranet solutions focused on employee recognition and appreciation will thrive as organisations look to boost morale and engagement. Steegle’s Kudos and Badges features make it fun and easy to celebrate wins and contributions.

15. Wellness Portals

With employee wellbeing a top priority, intranets will evolve into wellness portals – providing resources and programs to support physical, mental and financial health. Steegle can serve as the hub for your employee wellness initiatives.

16. Culture Alignment

Intranets will play a vital role in aligning hybrid and dispersed workforces around a shared culture and set of values. Steegle helps you showcase your brand and values across the employee experience.

17. Onboarding & Training

The intranet will be the central place for onboarding, reskilling and upskilling a changing workforce. Organisations like Metz Culinary Management use Steegle to accelerate time-to-productivity for new hires and share training.

18. Engagement Automation

Intranet solutions will leverage automation to drive adoption and engagement, from personalised new hire welcome messages to re-engagement campaigns for dormant users. Steegle Flows make engagement automation easy.

19. Alumni Networks

Intranets will maintain connections with former employees, enabling alumni to stay engaged with the organisation and one another. Steegle can power alumni programs that become a valuable source of boomerang hires, referrals, and brand advocacy.

20. Intranet as a Digital HQ

Ultimately, intranets will evolve into the digital headquarters that helps organisations navigate the future of work. Steegle provides an intranet platform that unites your people, information and systems – wherever and however work happens.

Is your organisation ready for the internal communication trends of 2024? See how Steegle One can future-proof your intranet strategy. Request a demo today.

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