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Best Practices for Sharing Documents Securely with Steegle One
Best Practices for Sharing Documents Securely with Steegle One

1. Utilise Steegle One’s Secure Document Sharing Features

Steegle One provides a secure intranet portal for businesses to safely share and collaborate on documents. With granular access controls, you can ensure only authorised users can view, edit, or share sensitive files.

Steegle’s built-in security features include data encryption at rest and in transit, regular backups, and compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR. This gives you peace of mind that your critical business documents are protected.

Steegle One Intranet Portal

2. Set Clear Access Permissions for Documents

When sharing documents in Steegle One, be thoughtful about assigning appropriate access permissions. Restrict access to only those individuals or groups who truly need it for their work.

You can set document permissions to allow specific users to only view, comment, or edit files as needed. Regularly audit and update these permissions, especially when employees change roles or leave the company.

3. Use Steegle’s Built-In Document Versioning

Steegle One includes automatic document versioning to track changes and revert to previous versions if needed. This is crucial for maintaining document integrity and recovering from accidental changes or deletions.

Encourage your team to add comments explaining what was changed in each new version. This provides helpful context and a clearer audit trail.

Steegle One Document Versioning

4. Require Strong Authentication for Document Access

As an added layer of security, require strong authentication like 2-factor authentication for users to access documents in Steegle One. This helps verify a user’s identity and prevents unauthorised access if a password is compromised.

Authentication options can include SMS codes, authenticator apps, or hardware security keys. Enforce these requirements across your organisation for consistency.

5. Implement Data Loss Prevention Policies

Work with your IT team to configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies in Steegle One. These policies can detect and block potential data breaches, like a user attempting to improperly download or share sensitive documents externally.

DLP policies can scan documents for specific keywords, patterns, or data types that might indicate sensitive information. Automated actions can then redact this data or restrict document sharing.

6. Train Employees on Secure Document Handling

Provide training for employees on best practices for securely handling documents in Steegle One. Cover topics like proper access controls, external sharing procedures, and how to identify potential security risks.

Make security awareness training a regular occurrence to keep data protection top of mind. Showcase examples of proper and improper document handling specific to your business.

Employee Training in Steegle One

7. Establish a Document Classification System

Create and communicate a clear document classification system that categorises files as public, internal only, confidential, restricted, etc. Apply these labels consistently to documents in Steegle One.

Classification labels allow you to quickly identify a document’s sensitivity level and apply corresponding security controls. Colour coding or visual markings for each class reinforces secure handling procedures.

8. Limit and Monitor External Document Sharing

When there’s a business need to share documents externally, lean on Steegle One’s secure external sharing features. You can create restricted shared links that require authentication and automatically expire after a certain time period.

Regularly monitor external sharing logs to ensure only intended documents are being shared with authorised third parties. Be cautious of links shared too broadly or documents that shouldn’t be externally accessible.


Securely sharing documents requires ongoing education, iteration, and improvement. Stay on top of evolving security threats and regularly train employees on the latest best practices.

Seek feedback from your organisation on security policies and Steegle One usage. Incorporate suggestions to optimise your secure document workflows while enabling productivity. Never stop working to enhance security!

Secure Document Sharing with Steegle One

By following these best practices and leveraging Steegle One’s secure collaboration capabilities, you can confidently keep your organisation’s documents safe while empowering teamwork. See how Steegle One can transform the way your business works.

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