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Beyond Workvivo: Why Meta’s Workplace Migration Offer Isn’t the Only Answer


Meta’s decision to discontinue Workplace and offer a migration path to Zoom’s Workvivo has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among businesses. While the transition may seem like a convenient solution, it’s crucial to consider the potential limitations of Workvivo and the importance of retaining control over your company’s valuable data.


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Workvivo: A Closer Look

Workvivo, while a popular platform, isn’t without its drawbacks. User feedback reveals challenges with:

Response Times: Some users report delays in support responses, particularly during peak usage.

Resource Depth: Basic support is available, but more complex inquiries might require additional time or resources.

Customization Limitations: Options for tailoring communications based on specific user data could be expanded.

Pricing Models: Some users find the pricing structure inflexible or lacking in transparency.

These limitations raise important questions about whether Workvivo is the right fit for every organization transitioning from Workplace.


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The Critical Importance of Data Ownership

Beyond the functionality of a platform, the question of data ownership is paramount. Where does your company’s valuable intranet data reside? Who has access to it? How easily can you extract it if you decide to switch platforms in the future?
Steegle.One Intranet

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Steegle.One: Your Data, Your Control

Unlike many other intranet solutions, Steegle.One guarantees that your data remains entirely within your own Google Workspace environment. This means:

No Migration Headaches: Transitioning to Steegle.One is seamless; there’s no need to export and import data from external platforms.

Uncompromised Security: Your data benefits from the robust security measures inherent to Google Workspace.

Complete Ownership and Control: You retain full control over your data, ensuring compliance with your organization’s specific requirements.

Flexibility for the Future: If you ever decide to change platforms, extracting your data is simple and straightforward.

Before You Migrate, Ask Yourself…

Before rushing into any migration decision, consider these essential questions:

Does the new platform align with my organization's specific needs and workflows?
How easily can I customize the platform to match my company's unique culture and communication style?
What is the platform's track record for customer support and responsiveness?
Where will my data be stored, and who will have access to it?
How easy is it to export my data if I decide to switch platforms in the future?

Choosing the Right Path Forward

While Meta’s migration offer to Workvivo might be suitable for some businesses, it’s not the only option. Taking the time to explore alternatives and consider the long-term implications of data ownership can lead to a more informed and ultimately more successful decision.

If you’re looking for an intranet solution that prioritizes data ownership, security, and customization within the familiar Google Workspace environment, Steegle.One is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your organization with a digital workplace that truly belongs to you.

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