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InOutBoard Alternative

What is InOutBoard. InOutBoard is a specialized tool designed for tracking the work status and location of employees. It’s recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness in providing real-time updates on employee availability, helping businesses manage their workforce more efficiently. While InOutBoard serves its purpose well, it doesn’t encompass the broader functionalities of a full-fledged intranet platform. This has led many users, especially those within the Google Workspace ecosystem, to look for more comprehensive solutions that offer additional features beyond basic employee tracking.


Key Features of InOutBoard:

What is Steegle.One for Google Workspace?

Steegle.One is an advanced, integrated intranet solution built on Google Sites, offering a suite of features that go beyond the capabilities of InOutBoard. It’s tailored for Google Workspace users who require a more expansive set of tools for their organizational needs. Steegle.One is not just an alternative to InOutBoard; it’s an upgrade, providing a holistic intranet experience.

Steegle.One: A Comprehensive InOutBoard Alternative

A Intranet portal showcasing the Steegle Heroes and Steegle Schedule tools
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The Modular Approach with Steegle People

For those specifically looking for an InOutBoard replacement, Steegle.One presents ‘Steegle People’. This module concentrates on employee directory and status functionalities, similar to InOutBoard, but with the added benefits of Google Workspace integration and enhanced features.

The Bottom Line

Steegle.One transcends being a mere alternative to basic in/out status tools like InOutBoard, Simple InOutBoard, or Jibble. It represents a substantial enhancement, offering an all-encompassing intranet solution seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace. This platform elevates the entire employee experience, moving beyond simple status updates to foster a workplace that is not only more interconnected but also markedly more efficient and engaging. With Steegle.One, businesses can leverage a diverse array of features, ensuring a robust, collaborative, and dynamic work environment that caters to the evolving needs of modern organizations.