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Orchard Mental Health
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“Steegle has streamlined our operations, ensuring synergy with our pre-existing systems.” – Juliane Schoenherr

Orchard Mental Health Streamlines Knowledge Management with Steegle.One Intranet

Orchard Mental Health was founded to fill the gap in high quality yet financially-accessible mental health services in the DC metro area. They aim to help community members of all ages and backgrounds obtain research-informed treatment to improve feelings about themselves, their relationships, and their future paths. Orchard Mental Health offers multimodal treatment options including therapy, testing, and medication services to provide a full patient care continuum under one roof. Orchard Mental Health is a growing practice with over 60 clinicians across multiple States in the US. The team is comprised of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists and Psychotherapists.


As the team continued to grow, Orchard Mental Health recognized the need for improved communications, resources and knowledge management. Vital internal documentation, strewn across platforms like Google Drive and Google Classroom, became a bottleneck in efficient resource access. Additionally, the imperative to spotlight the diverse expertise of their growing clinical staff gave rise to a need for an efficient system.


Orchard Mental Health, realising the urgency for a centralised knowledge hub, allied with Steegle.One. Spearheaded by their Chief Operating Officer, Juliane Schoenherr, this venture aimed at meticulous knowledge management. The integration of Google Sites and other tailored tools, complemented by Steegle.One’s adherence to privacy standards like HIPAA, instilled a sense of data security within Orchard Mental Health where patient confidentiality is paramount.

Key Deliverables

  • Centralised Knowledge Repository: A unified intranet, facilitated by Steegle.One, converged the dispersed documentation.
  • Enhanced Staff Profiles: Custom fields were devised to encapsulate the varied expertise of Orchard mental Health’’s clinical team. A unique addition, the question “Just for fun, if you could use the rest of your life to accomplish one thing, what would it be?” added a touch of quirkiness, driving more engagement with the intranet.
  • Swift Integration: The intranet, congruent with Orchard Mental Health’’s brand image and public interface, was launched promptly.
  • Empowering Training: In-depth training sessions ensured the staff’s adeptness at leveraging the new platform.
  • Streamlined Management: Steegle’s suite of automation tools rendered intranet management effortless.
Orchard Mental Health Homepage Screenshot
Orchard Mental Health People Screenshot


The incorporation of Steegle.One into Orchard Mental Health’s operations has been a game-changer. The intuitive knowledge hub empowers the staff with on-the-go information and resource access. Additionally, the comprehensive staff profiles fostered improved intra-departmental collaboration and facilitated the precise matching of patient-specialist needs.


The collaboration between Orchard Mental Health and Steegle exemplifies the revolutionary power of technology in refining internal knowledge flows and enhancing staff collaboration. This judicious step amplifies Orchard Mental Health’s operational efficiency.

The requirements of our discerning team were manifold, but Steegle.One’s solution has seamlessly blended in. Observing our staff uncover aspects of their colleagues’ expertise, previously unknown to them, has been an enlightening experience. This platform has streamlined our operations, ensuring synergy with our pre-existing systems.

Juliane Schoenherr

COO, Orchard Mental Health

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