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Steegle’s commitment to security and responsiveness made a lasting impression on Nile – Krishna Athur

Pioneering Networking Solutions for a Connected World

Based in San Jose, California, Nile Secure is a trailblazer in the networking-as-a-service industry. In 2018, a team of innovative thinkers came together with a mission to transform the way networks are managed. With a focus on secure connectivity and network independence, Nile Secure offers both wired and wireless networking services.


Overcoming Growing Pains with an Intuitive Intranet. As Nile Secure expanded, the company encountered several challenges in keeping everyone on the same page and maintaining its company culture. With employees scattered across different continents and working in diverse time zones, Nile Secure needed a central hub to manage employee resources, build its culture, and ensure the intranet was customized to its specific needs. Nile Secure required an intranet solution that was secure, customizable, and automated to minimize workload and avoid disorganization.


Following an exhaustive market analysis, Nile Secure’s allegiance was won by Steegle’s Steegle.One intranet. One distinguishing factor was Steegle.One’s ability to ensure all data remained strictly within the Google Workspace domain, offering an unparalleled security assurance that other solutions couldn’t match. This feature provided Nile Secure’s security team with an added layer of comfort. The salient features of security and customization in Steegle.One resonated with Nile Secure’s needs, with the integration capabilities with Google Workspace further bolstering the platform’s appeal.

The Verdict

Nile Secure’s Journey to a Seamless Intranet with SteegleOne. Nile Secure found the perfect intranet solution with SteegleOne. The platform’s security, customization, and automation features allowed Nile Secure to streamline its workload, build its culture, and focus on growth. The company was impressed with Steegle’s ease of use, security, and responsiveness, even across different time zones.

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Key Facts - Client Success Stories


  • Location: Based in San Jose, California, Nile Secure is a leading company in the networking-as-a-service industry, exemplifying a “Silicon Valley tech intranet” approach.
    Industry: Specializing in secure connectivity solutions, Nile Secure epitomizes a “technology company intranet” and a “cybersecurity intranet.”
  • Challenges: Faced with the need for an outdated intranet replacement and a knowledge sharing platform” to support a dispersed workforce, requiring a secure intranet that aligns with digital workplace goals.
  • Solution: Chose Steegle.One for its “Google Workspace intranet” capabilities, providing cloud-based intranet solutions with unparalleled security and customization, serving as an”IT intranet and internal communication platform.
  • Outcome: Achieved a modern intranet with advanced “collaboration tools, “project management,” and employee engagement intranet features, fostering a culture of innovation platform within the digital workplace.
  • Conclusion: Nile Secure’s adoption of Steegle.One illustrates a successful transformation into an enterprise technology intranet, enhancing remote employee communication and establishing a robust technology intranet for the networking-as-a-service sector.
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Steegle’s commitment to security and responsiveness made a lasting impression on me as a Product & Information Security Leader. Working with Steegle was a breeze, even across time zones, and the Google Workspace integration added an extra layer of security.

Krishna Athur

Head Product & Information Security, Nile Secure

As Head of HR and Internal Communications, I was pleasantly surprised by how the Steegle tools reduced our workload. The platform’s intuitive design, based on Google Sites, was easy for our team to use and kept our intranet organized and under control. The design fully met our strict branding guidelines.

Anna May Myers

Head of HR and Internal Communication, Nile Secure

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