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Mauldin & Jenkins
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“Steegle’s team truly understood our vision and surpassed what we imagined.” – Kelsie Deiter

Elevating Internal Communication for Business Experts

Mauldin & Jenkins (M&J) is a top-tier accounting firm renowned for its forward-thinking services in tax, assurance, and advisory sectors. Employing over 500 skilled professionals, M&J serves a diverse clientele across the Southeast and beyond. With accolades like being named a Top 100 Accounting Firm by Accounting Today and Inside Public Accounting, M&J has solidified its status as an industry leader.


M&J had been relying on an in-house Google Sites intranet developed internally for several years. Despite its initial utility, the system began to show its limitations, especially given the constraints of Google Sites. The platform’s lack of out-of-the-box permission features led to a fragmented intranet, divided into multiple sub-sites, thereby complicating navigation. The dated design of the intranet also failed to represent the firm’s dynamic ethos. Additionally, there was a need for a more efficient way to manage evolving internal knowledge, such as employee directories and company handbooks.


Kelsie Deiter, the HR & Marketing Partner at M&J, spearheaded the initiative to modernize the intranet. She collaborated with key internal stakeholders to adopt Steegle’s Google Sites Refresh Service, supplemented by Steegle.One Tools. This approach allowed the firm to enhance user experience without resorting to an expensive new system, saving both time and resources. The existing infrastructure was repurposed and improved, serving as a foundation for the revamped platform.

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The transformation of Mauldin & Jenkins’ intranet demonstrates how innovative technology solutions, paired with expert guidance, can redefine internal communication and data management. Their partnership with Steegle has set a new standard for intranet design and functionality, reflecting M&J’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

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The rejuvenated intranet has considerably streamlined M&J’s internal processes. An automated, up-to-date staff directory eliminated the need for manual updates. The updated design and layout made it easier for employees to find essential resources. Steegle.One Tools further elevated the platform, enabling the firm to showcase their staff’s expertise across various sectors, crucial for a business where human capital is the primary asset.

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  • Location: Premier Southeast accounting firm employing over 500 experts in places including Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Chattanooga, TN, Columbia, SC Macon, GA, Huntsville, and Florence AL.
  • Industry: Accounting, Professional Practice, specializing in tax, assurance, and advisory services.
  • Challenges: Needed an upgrade from an outdated Google Sites, addressing internal communication tools deficiencies.
  • Solution: Partnered with Steegle for a Google Workspace intranet solution, leveraging Steegle.One Tools for a seamless Google Workspace integration, modernizing the intranet affordably and quickly.
  • Outcome: A revitalized digital workplace platform featuring an automated staff directory, streamlined access to resources, and a collaborative intranet platform that improved employee engagement and internal processes.
  • Conclusion: Mauldin & Jenkins’ enhanced Google Sites CMS intranet, developed by Steegle, exemplifies effective internal communication enhancement, showcasing an employee engagement intranet that meets modern business needs.
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Kelsie Deiter said, “Steegle’s team truly grasped our goals and exceeded our expectations. They have revitalized our intranet, making it not only aesthetically appealing but also exceptionally functional. The revamped system has notably enhanced the efficiency of our work environment.”

Kelsie Deiter

Project Sponsor- HR/Marketing Partner, Mauldin & Jenkins

Susan Boucher, Senior IT Manager at M&J and a veteran of the company, added, “Having witnessed multiple technology transitions at M&J, our experience with Steegle stands out. Their strategic insights have simplified internal communication and made information more accessible, enriching the work experience for all team members.”

Susan Boucher

Senior IT Manager, Mauldin & Jenkins

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