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Ancora Education
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“With Steegle’s solutions, our remote access capabilities have grown without compromising security.” – Kevin Peoples

Seamless Intranet Remote Access with Compliance

Anchora is a renowned provider of upskilling, reskilling, and vocational education services, catering to companies such as Amazon. They offer skills-based training programs. With a workforce of around 800 across 26 locations, Anchora is an industry leader.


As a well-established organization serving thousands of end users, Ancora Education was already familiar with the advantages of having an employee digital workspace platform. They had previously built an intranet using classic Google sites, which consisted of hundreds of pages. However, with the transition to the new Google sites, the IT and Communications teams aimed to revamp the platform and improve its functionality in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. They also sought to incorporate features such as staff searches, convenient document uploading, and efficient methods of disseminating news and updates.


Steegle created a Google Sites Intranet that fulfilled all of their specifications without sacrificing ergonomics or functionality. They were able to provide all the necessary features as required in the specification without compromising on ergonomics or functionality and features.

Intranet portal for Ancora Education developed on Steegle.One Google Sites Intranet solution

Key Facts - Client Success Stories


  • Location: Ancora Education Operating across 28 locations, serving companies such as Amazon with skills-based training programs.
  • Industry: Education and Training Services.
    Size: 1000+ employees, serving thousands of end-users with vocational education services.
  • Challenges: Ancora Education aimed to revamp their existing intranet platform to improve its visual appeal, functionality, and user-friendliness.
  • Solution Provider: Steegle.One – Delivered a Google Sites Intranet solution
  • Outcome: Steegle.One solution for easy remote access for a highly distributed organization. Over a year since implementation, the intranet continues to evolve with new features, reflecting ongoing development and support.
  • Conclusion: Ancora Education’s collaboration with Steegle for their intranet needs highlights the importance of a seamless, secure digital workspace that integrates with Google Workspace.
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We are fully Google-based, so having an intranet employee platform fully integrated with Google was important. While user-friendly, Google Sites lacks functionality. The Steegle team, experts in the field, were able to fill this gap by providing tools and consultancy to make Google Sites into a perfect and engaging platform. Being a highly distributed organization, the Steegle Solution helped us with easy remote access while still offering security and compliance. It’s been over a year since we installed our intranet with Steegle, and it’s been great to see the products are still being developed with many new features.

Kevin Peoples

AVP- Information Technology, Ancora Education

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