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The Guardian of Your Data How Steegle.One maintains privacy

Alliance with Vigilant Organizations

Welcome back, valiant readers! Today, let us venture into the impregnable stronghold of security that Steegle.One embodies. Engineered with an unyielding dedication to safeguarding your data, Steegle.One is not just compliant with GDPR but stands as an unwavering shield in the realm of data protection.

Our epic began around 2015, when we forged an alliance with a renowned UK charity. Custodians of an abundance of extremely sensitive personal data, including criminal record checks, were wary when their former solution provider suggested a migration to the cloud. 

Though already utilizing Google Workspace, they were reluctant to risk their treasured data by shifting it to an external, custom-built platform, perceived as less secure. United in purpose, we embarked on an odyssey to create an intranet solution that struck a harmonious balance between potent functionality and stringent adherence to GDPR. This endeavor culminated in the birth of our inaugural intranet product, Steegle People.

Data Privacy and Security: The Pillars of Steegle.One

Steegle.One’s architecture is forged to function exclusively within your Google Workspace domain. This citadel-like design ensures your data never wanders beyond the guarded walls of your control. Our approach ensures that Steegle.One remains an outsider to any data processed or stored within your domain, reinforcing the bulwarks of security.

A Shield Against Diverse Security Standards

Steegle.One is not a mere guardian against GDPR; its fortifications are reinforced to withstand the scrutiny of an array of esteemed security standards, such as:

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)
  • ISMS (Information Security Management System)
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • A Vigilant Sentinel Amidst a Siege of Data Breaches

In a time besieged by data breaches, Steegle.One stands vigilant. The year 2023 has already witnessed a series of formidable breaches, including one where the BBC’s payroll and personal data were ensnared while being ferried from on-premise to third-party cloud systems. Steegle.One, with its foundations anchored within the revered security haven of Google Workspace, stands as a vigilant sentinel, unwavering in its protection of your precious data. 

Our steadfast commitment to privacy and security endows you with the serenity of knowing that your data is under the aegis of an indomitable guardian.

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