The Intranet built for Google Workspace

The Epitome of Intranet Evolution Powered by Google Sites
Steegle is the Google Sites Expert. Google Sites are the most secured and safe platform.

Greetings to our valued community! I’m Peter Chadha, Head of Product at Steegle, and today, I am beyond excited to share with you the revolutionary capabilities of Steegle.One, our intranet solution that harnesses the power of Google Sites. In this age of seamless connectivity and secure collaborations, Steegle.One stands tall as the beacon of innovation, scalability, and effortless management.

Steegle.One is a one-stop shop for all your intranet needs. With Steegle.One, you can:

  • Create and manage a secure and private intranet for your employees.
  • Share files and documents with ease.
  • Collaborate on projects with colleagues in real-time.
  • Access your intranet from anywhere in the world.

And that’s just the beginning! Steegle.One is packed with features that will help you take your business to the next level.

Steegle.One: The Epitome of Intranet Excellence

Built upon Google Sites, Steegle.One transcends the limitations of traditional intranets. The intuitive interface, coupled with powerful customization options, ensures that your intranet not only reflects your organizational identity but also remains agile and responsive to your evolving needs.

Unparalleled Scalability

Steegle.One, leveraging Google Sites and the colossal infrastructure of Google Cloud, offers scalability that’s second to none. Whether your organization is a burgeoning startup or a multinational conglomerate, Steegle.One adapts and scales seamlessly, making it the ultimate intranet companion for growth.

A screenshot of two intranets powered by Steegle.One showcasing its sleek design, interactive widgets, and integration with Google Workspace

Robust Security with Google’s Backing

Security is an indispensable pillar of Steegle.One. Drawing from the formidable security protocols of Google, Steegle.One ensures that your data and communications remain sacrosanct. Regular security audits, updates, and stringent data protection measures work in harmony to safeguard your digital assets.

Simplified Authentication

One of the most lauded features of Steegle.One is its seamless authentication process. With its roots embedded in Google Sites, if you can access Gmail, you have the keys to Steegle.One. Wherever you are on this planet, as long as you are connected to the internet, your intranet is just a click away.

Case Study: Steegle.One to the Rescue

Recently, a client approached us after initially opting for an alternative intranet solution. Despite their commitment, they encountered bottlenecks in authentication and data management. They turned to us, and Steegle.One emerged as the knight in shining armor. The unparalleled ease of use, combined with robust security and scalability that Steegle.One offered, revolutionized their intranet experience


Steegle.One, powered by Google Sites, is more than just an intranet. It is a catalyst for transformation that empowers organizations to transcend boundaries, cultivate collaborations, and secure their digital environments. 

As the Head of Product, I am immensely proud to witness the profoundly positive impact Steegle.One has on organizations. Steegle.One provides a secure and collaborative platform for employees to share information and work together. It also helps organizations to manage their digital assets and comply with regulations. Steegle.One has been used by organizations of all sizes to improve communication, collaboration, and efficiency.

Steegle.One will continue to be a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes. I am excited to see how it will be used to transform the way people work in the future!

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