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Corporate Identity, Captured in Design

We use your brand guidelines, or your public website, to inspire an Intranet design, perfectly suited to your bespoke requirements not a one-size fits-all offer.

Open up the Intranet

Upon web-browser open your employees will see the corporate intranet first thing, with useful links to everyday apps and employee wiki infomation.

Unrivalled reliability with Google Sites

Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, supported by Google’s reliability (99.9% uptime available), no hosting fees and single-sign-on with your Google Workspace accounts. Google Sites version history provides intranet version control that helps you manage your content and not lose important updates.

See how Steegle expertly craft a Google Site that aligns with your corporate identity

Brand Colors

Brand Identity Integration

Steegle goes beyond just functional design, seamlessly integrating your brand’s identity into your intranet platform.


Authentic Representation

Rather than a generic interface, Steegle ensures that your intranet truly reflects your brand’s essence, creating an authentic representation.


Through customization options, Steegle allows you to tailor every aspect of your intranet to match your brand’s unique style, colors, and messaging.

Steegle.One Design Gallery















Nile’s intranet design showcases a thoughtful approach tailored to modern workplace needs. The interface balances sleek professionalism with user-friendly navigation, featuring a customized launchpad that centralizes key resources and tools. The org chart and team communication features promote connectivity, while the engineering shortcuts demonstrate industry-specific customization.

By integrating HR resources, company updates, and productivity tools into a cohesive platform, Nile creates an intranet that serves as a central hub for employee engagement, information sharing, and streamlined workflows. The consistent branding across devices ensures a unified experience, reflecting the company’s identity while prioritizing functionality and ease of use for diverse teams and departments.















The intranet design for Beyond Meat, branded as “myBYND,” effectively captures the company’s identity and mission while providing a user-friendly interface for employees. The design incorporates the brand’s signature green color and showcases their product prominently, creating an immediate visual connection to the company’s core business. The interface is clean and intuitive, with clear navigation options for teams, organization, and policies. Key features like “Join Your Team,” “Find Your Location,” and “Find Your Policies” are prominently displayed, facilitating easy access to essential information. The inclusion of a “Beyond News” section and “Company Mission” page keeps employees informed and aligned with organizational goals.

The responsive design ensures a consistent experience across devices, from desktop to mobile, allowing employees to stay connected regardless of their location or device. This intranet design successfully balances the company’s innovative food technology brand with practical tools for employee engagement and information sharing.















The Kintranet design for Kinship expertly blends functionality with playful branding, reflecting the company’s focus on pets. The vibrant interface, anchored by a striking red banner featuring a curious dog, offers an intuitive layout with quick access to essential resources like IT Support, HR information, and a global team locations map. The integrated app ecosystem enhances workflow efficiency, while sections like “Our Culture Pillars” and “Creative/Brand Brief” reinforce company values and brand consistency.

With its responsive design ensuring seamless access across devices, bright color palette, and pet-centric imagery, the Kintranet creates an engaging digital workspace that not only facilitates productivity and information sharing but also embodies Kinship’s mission and culture in the pet care industry. This comprehensive intranet solution successfully balances practical tools with a visually appealing design, fostering employee engagement and reflecting the company’s innovative approach to pet-related services.















Our custom intranet solutions are tailored to each industry’s unique needs, as showcased by the Metz Pantry & Supply Closet system. We seamlessly integrated Metz’s vibrant yellow branding throughout the interface, creating a cohesive and engaging user experience. The design prioritizes intuitive navigation with a clean, modern layout featuring quick-access links and a prominent search function. We incorporated industry-specific tools such as recipe submission forms and team member directories, alongside universal features like new hire onboarding and team training modules.

The responsive design ensures functionality across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, allowing for seamless access to critical information and resources. By blending Metz’s visual identity with practical tools and user-centric design, we’ve created an intranet that not only reflects the company’s brand but also enhances productivity and communication within their unique operational context.















For apree health, we developed a sophisticated intranet solution that seamlessly blends their healthcare-focused brand with functional design. The interface features a calming teal and white color scheme, reflecting the company’s commitment to well-being, while maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic across all devices. We integrated key tools tailored to apree health’s needs, including a comprehensive People Experience section, an intuitive file library, and prominent displays of the company’s vision, mission, and values.

The responsive design ensures consistent accessibility on desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms, featuring clear navigation with dropdown menus for effortless access to various sections. By harmonizing apree health’s branding elements with healthcare-specific content and user-centric design choices, we’ve created an intranet that not only serves as an efficient internal communication and resource hub but also reinforces the company’s dedication to transforming lives through better health.















For Burnham Primary – The Glass House, we designed a vibrant and engaging intranet that captures the spirit of education and innovation. The interface features a colorful, playful design with a prominent multicolored pinwheel graphic symbolizing diversity and growth. We incorporated their “GlassHouse One” branding, emphasizing their motto “Where Change Meets Alignment.” The user experience is tailored for an educational setting, with easy-to-access app icons for essential tools like Meet, Mail, and Drive. We integrated specific features for school needs, such as a “Thank your Heroes” section for recognition and a staff directory with detailed contact information.

The responsive design ensures seamless functionality across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, allowing staff and teachers to stay connected and access resources from anywhere. This intranet solution not only reflects Burnham Primary’s unique identity but also facilitates communication, collaboration, and community building within the school environment.















For Blue Zoo, we crafted a playful and dynamic intranet that embodies their vibrant brand identity. The interface features a cheerful yellow background with their signature cartoon character, creating an immediately welcoming atmosphere. We implemented a clean, intuitive navigation system with clearly labeled sections for News, People Directory, Company Policies, and more. The design incorporates quick-access app icons for essential tools like Slack, Meet, and Gmail, streamlining daily workflows.

Custom features include an interactive org chart for easy team visualization and a comprehensive document library with user-friendly categorization. The responsive design ensures consistent functionality across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, allowing employees to stay connected and access resources from anywhere. This intranet solution not only reflects Blue Zoo’s creative and energetic culture but also enhances internal communication, collaboration, and information accessibility.















Orchard Mental Health. The design thoughtfully incorporates the organization’s brand identity, featuring a soothing green color palette and leaf imagery that aligns with the “Orchard” theme, creating a calming and professional atmosphere. The user interface is clean and intuitive, with clear navigation menus and easily accessible sections for different aspects of the organization, such as teams, onboarding, and continuing education. The solution demonstrates seamless integration of various tools and applications, visible through the array of app icons, suggesting a comprehensive ecosystem for staff collaboration and patient care.

The responsive design is evident, with the intranet optimized for different devices – desktop, tablet, and mobile – ensuring accessibility and functionality across platforms. Key features like the employee handbook, DEI team information, and educational resources are prominently displayed, indicating a focus on staff development and organizational culture. Overall, this intranet design effectively balances aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, creating a unified digital workspace tailored to the specific needs of a mental health organization.















The intranet solution designed for Soar Autism Center demonstrates a thoughtful approach to meeting the unique needs of an autism support organization. The design incorporates a calming dark blue background with playful, colorful elements like paper airplanes, which align with the “Soar” theme and create a welcoming, child-friendly atmosphere. The user interface is clean and well-organized, featuring easily recognizable icons for quick access to various tools and resources. The layout prioritizes important elements such as handbooks, FAQs, and templates, reflecting an understanding of staff needs in an autism care setting.

The intranet’s responsive design is showcased across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ensuring accessibility for staff whether they’re in the office or working with clients. Integration of essential tools is evident, with sections for organizational charts, file templates, and quick links to commonly used resources. Images of children engaged in activities add a personal touch, reinforcing the center’s mission. Overall, this intranet design successfully balances professional functionality with a warm, approachable aesthetic that’s appropriate for an autism center, creating a digital environment that supports both staff efficiency and the organization’s caring ethos.















This intranet solution for Naked Wines, aptly named “The Cellar,” seamlessly blends functionality with the company’s wine-centric culture. The design features a welcoming interface with imagery of people enjoying wine, setting a convivial tone that aligns with the brand. A clean, intuitive layout provides easy access to essential sections like apps, people, teams, and resources, while integrating various tools such as Google Workspace and Slack for streamlined workflows.

The responsive design ensures accessibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, catering to the mobile nature of the wine industry. Key features like the “App Locker,” training resources, and wine updates demonstrate a focus on both operational efficiency and employee engagement. The color scheme is subtle and sophisticated, allowing wine imagery to stand out while maintaining a professional look. This intranet effectively balances practical work tools with elements that celebrate the company’s product and community, creating a digital environment that supports both productivity and passion for wine.

A Closer Look at Steegle News

Here’s what Steegle News offers:

  • Effortless News Creation: Easily add headlines, content, visuals (pictures or cover photos), attachments (linked or embedded videos), and more.
  • Streamlined Approval Process: News admins can approve or reject submissions for a controlled flow of information.
  • Dynamic News Feeds: Showcase a filterable feed of articles, categorized by date or pinned for prominence.
  • RSS Feed Integration: Pull news directly from your favorite blogs or news sources.
  • Engaging User Experience: Let visitors comment, react to, and share news via Gmail.
  • Rich Content Display: Showcase headlines, snippets, thumbnails, and detailed information like author, source, and tags.

The result? Increased employee engagement and a central hub for company news and announcements.

Steegle People goes beyond just a directory. It fosters a connected and collaborative workforce by

  • Unveiling Hidden Talent: Discover colleagues’ skills to build cross-functional teams and empower individuals.
  • Visualizing Your Team: Explore intuitive organization charts, making reporting structures clear and fostering team spirit.
  • Building Team Cohesion: Facilitate connections through searchable profiles, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Steegle People helps your employees find each other, connect, and celebrate successes – all within your existing Google Workspace environment.

Boost Employee Engagement with Steegle Share

Empower your team with easy access to essential documents and resources.

Steegle Share bridges the gap between your Google Drive and your company intranet or website, fostering a more collaborative and productive work environment.

Key Features in 5 Points:

  • Effortless Sharing: Display Google Drive folders or Shared Drives directly on your website.
  • Flexible Integration: Embed Steegle Share anywhere on your website with a simple iframe code.
  • Powerful Search: Locate information quickly with comprehensive search options (Shared Drives, file names, document content, specific folders).
  • Intuitive Navigation & Sorting: Browse and sort files directly within the embedded view.
  • Streamlined Management: Admin panel allows configuration for a perfect website fit.

Steegle Share empowers employees, boosts collaboration, and enhances engagement.

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