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Steegle.One Security

Welcome to Steegle.One, the intranet platform that sits on your own Google Site and Google Workspace platform. Our approach to security sets us apart as a boutique provider of intranet services for organizations.
Steegle.One All Secured with Google Workspace Secruity

Built with Security in Mind

We understand that continuity of service is a primary concern for our clients, especially as a smaller, niche provider. That’s why we’ve built Steegle.One with security in mind from the very start. Our platform relies on gadgets that interact directly with your own Google domain, making it GDPR compliant and a great choice for organizations looking for compliance without going through a rigorous testing process. Unlike other well known intranet platforms like Happeo or LumApps, we don’t replicate data to servers in different countries, ensuring that your data remains secure. We also don’t hold sensitive data like employee directories or reports of sensitive policies, giving you peace of mind. There’s no need for escrow agreements or other complex arrangements with us.

Ensuring Data Sovereignty:

A Spotlight on Steegle.One’s Unique Approach

In today’s complex digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on intranet solutions to streamline communication, collaboration, and data management. As concerns surrounding data sovereignty, ownership, and data portability rise, organizations must choose platforms that prioritize these principles. Steegle.One stands apart in the intranet market, offering a solution that intrinsically empowers data sovereignty and seamless user experience.


Built on the Foundation of Google Workspace

Steegle.One’s core strength lies in its seamless integration with Google Workspace. By leveraging Google’s robust infrastructure, Steegle.One ensures that all client data remains securely within their own Google environment. This means businesses retain complete ownership and control over their sensitive information, offering several advantages:

  • Minimizes security risks
  • Addresses compliance concerns
  • Upholds the right to be forgotten (or right to erasure).

Not a Data Processor

Because we don’t hold sensitive data, Steegle is not a data processor and has no access to your data. This makes our platform a great choice for security and compliance-conscious organizations that want to avoid the security and auditing associated with other intranet platforms. And unlike other intranet providers, we understand that your internet holds confidential data like user profiles, policies, and reports you might not want to be leaked.

Reliable Security with Google Workspace

At Steegle.One, we understand that security is a top priority for organizations. That’s why we rely on Google’s robust security measures. Google Workspace itself encrypts all data in transit using HTTPS and all data at rest using AES 128-bit encryption. It uses 2-factor authentication, and complies with various industry standards such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA.
Security with Google Workspace

A Key Differentiator: No “Reverse-Out” Headaches

Unlike competitors like Lumapps, MangoApps, Jostle, and Happeo, Steegle.One eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming “reverse-out” processes. Since all company data resides within their own Google Workspace, there’s no need to replicate information onto external servers.

Benefits of Steegle.One’s approach:

  • Seamless Transition: If a company discontinues the Steegle.One service, they retain full and immediate access to all their information within Google Workspace.
  • No Data Migration: Avoids potential headaches surrounding data export.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Minimizes disruptions during potential offboarding scenarios.

Data Sovereignty vs. Data Retrievability

It’s important to understand the distinction between data sovereignty and data retrievability:


  • Data Sovereignty: Prioritizes keeping your data within your existing Google Workspace environment from the beginning.
  • Data Retrievability: Focuses on ensuring data can be easily extracted when needed.

    Steegle.One emphasizes data sovereignty for added security, control, and ease in exercising the right to be forgotten.

Your Data is Always Yours

While other intranet platforms may describe security and access controls, we believe that having your own data on your own Google Workspace is the ultimate form of security. With Steegle.One, you can be confident that your data is secure without sacrificing ease-of-use or functionality.

    Experience the Difference

    Try Steegle.One today and experience the difference of a boutique provider with an approach to security that puts your data first. Our platform is designed for organizations of all sizes, and we’re committed to providing our clients with a secure, reliable, and user-friendly intranet solution.

      Feature Steegle.One Competitors (eg Lumapps, MangoApps, Jostle, Happeo)
      Data Location Client’s Google Workspace Often on third-party servers
      Like Amazon Web Services AWS, GCP or Azure
      Data Migration on Service End No Migration Needed Complex reverse-out/export often required
      Data Sovereignty Emphasis High Varies


      In a world increasingly focused on data privacy, ownership, and complying with regulations like GDPR, Steegle.One emerges as a compelling choice for businesses. By building upon the robust security of Google Workspace, Steegle.One delivers a unique proposition – ensuring data never leaves your control. This approach fosters trust, simplifies data management, and empowers businesses to take charge of their digital assets.

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