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What is Interact?

  • Interact is an enterprise-grade intranet solution that specializes in improving collaboration and internal communication to improve the employee experience.
  • Best for enterprise and medium-sized companies.
  • Just like any other intranets, it allows users to create personal pages, forms, workflows, teams, and forums.
  • Other features include social capabilities, notifications, broadcasts, profile badges, recognition, rewards, and many more.
  • Interact supports an intuitive internet design and mobile apps for Android and iOS that give users the flexibility to connect anywhere, anytime, using any smartphone or tablet.

Key Features of Interact

Interact incorporates a rich feature set to provide employees with information about their organisation. Some of its features include:

Discussion boards
Search capabilities

Third-party integration

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, Workday, SAP Concur, and ServiceNow

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Interact Content Subscription

Additional Features of Interact

Workflow management
Reporting and statistics
Single-Sign On (SSO)
File sharing
Employee directory
Employee Onboarding
Task management
Document management

Interact AI Integration

AI-Powered Intranet

  • Interact offers an AI-powered content analysis that encourage authors to build a progressive and positive language into their contents.
  • Employees or users are allowed to customize their intranet experience to boost engagement
  • Supports over 60 languages.

Limitations of Interact

  • Complex – commentators say some features are not user-friendly and complicated for us
  • Price – it’s expensive and the price is only available with a quote
  • Data – The data does not reside in your existing Google tenant and will be subject to Interact security

What is Google Sites?

Google Sites is the website building app from Google Workspace. It is used by many organisations to create internal websites for departments as well as corporate Intranets.

This site,, is built wholly on Google Sites.

Steegle.One as your Intranet Provider

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Website Builders

Google Sites allows users to easily create websites without any background knowledge in programming or web development. It is part of Google Workspace’s Google Docs Editor family i.e. Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Docs.

If you’re familiar with Wix, Squarespace or WordPress you may notice that they are somewhat similar to Google Sites, but the emphasis of those tools are public websites, rather than private intranets. Google Sites, however, gives the secure and private authentication offered by Google Workspace so it provides a seamless experience for Google Workspace users.

If you use Google Workspace already then you will find Google Sites easy to use, due to its familiarity with the other Google Workspace apps. Google Sites offers the same sharing model you are used to in Google Drive, so you can avoid any security concerns due to Google Workspace’s industry-leading security.

Google Sites offers the basic and fundamental features for most websites but lacks essential functionality for that many organisations need on an intranet. Steegle offers a very particular set of tools to provide a fully fledged Intranet via our Steegle.One Intranet solution.

Steegle Tools

Interact Pricing vs Google Sites Pricing

Interact Pricing?

  • Interact has not provided pricing information for their product and services.
  • Price is available with a quote.

Explore Interact’s Subscription Features

Steegle.One Lightning

Explore Steegle.One Add-on Tools

Google Sites Pricing?

  • Google Sites is Free if you have Google Workspace!
  • If you use add-on tools, that a company like Steegle provides in Steegle.One, incurs license fees.
  • Steegle.One license fees are a tiny fraction of Interact – to get a tailored quote for your situation get a quote.

Google Sites for Intranets


Content Management
  • Managing content on Google Site is easy and often self-explanatory.
  • You can add and duplicate pages, hide pages, and archive pages.
  • Embedding documents is easy and fun.
  • Edit who can access and edit contents.
Media Management
  • Users can easily add:
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Complex text.
  • Users can also:
    • Move, edit, resize and drag images.
    • Create a responsive design with a grid layout.
  • You can view and edit users who can access certain pages. Unauthorized users will not be able to access or make edits on your intranet.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Google apps such as Docs, Sheets, Drawing, and Presentation.


No Employee Engagement
  • People Directory - No simple way to create an employee directory nor an organizational chart.
  • Employee Recognition - Google Sites does not offer any tools to help you recognize and reward those who have gone the extra mile or if you want to spotlight someone for their achievements.
No News or Announcements
  • Summaries - Google Sites doesn't summarize recent updates.
  • Centralized Tool - there's no tool to allow you to post once and update in various locations.
Poor File, Document and Folder Handling
  • Folder Hierarchy - opening a folder takes you to Google Drive.
  • Search and Sort - Sites doesn't search your embedded Drive content nor can you sort the list of items.
Poor Calendar Display
  • Google Calendar - antiquated displays are not intranet friendly.
The Solution?
All of these shortfalls are addressed by Steegle in our comprehensive Steegle.One Intranet platform.

What is Steegle.One Intranet for Google Sites?

Key Features of Steegle.One

Steegle.One is an added value intranet solution for Google Workspace that is made using Google Apps Script embedded in Google Sites by

Steegle.One allows you to easily build engaging and compelling intranets based on Google Sites.

Additionally, Steegle-developed, low-maintenance productivity tools make your intranet more efficient and effective. Some of the Steegle extensions you can use on your intranet are:

Steegle News – comprehensive news management tool;
Steegle People – employee directory and org charts based on your Google Workspace directory;
Steegle Heroes – employee recognition tool;



Steegle.One Dashboard

Custom Intranet Designs

Custom Intranet Designs

Steegle Schedule – consistent calendar display.
Steegle Share – a powerful way of searching and sharing files and templates from a library
Steegle Affinity – creation of automatically subscribed employee affinity groups within Steegle.One

Why Choose Steegle.One Over Interact?



For businesses embedded within the Google ecosystem, Steegle.One offers a naturally integrated intranet solution that leverages Google Workspace’s full potential without the complexity of additional systems.


Steegle.One is significantly more affordable, particularly for small to medium-sized enterprises or those with a tight budget, providing essential intranet functions without the high costs associated with more complex platforms.


Promising quick implementation and easy management, Steegle.One enables organizations to swiftly launch their intranet with minimal disruption, prioritizing employee engagement and productivity.


Steegle.One scales seamlessly for all businesses, from startups to enterprises, with its intuitive interface and robust features, avoiding excessive customization or complex setup.


All data is securely stored on Google Workspace, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, and meeting Google's industry-leading security and data protection standards.


Discover how Steegle.One can transform your Google Workspace into a powerful and integrated intranet. Request a live demo session today at Steegle and explore the features firsthand.

So… How do you create a Google Sites intranet?

Great question! Steegle is a Google Cloud Partner and has been using Google Sites since 2008. We have developed intranets for large and small organisations with a friendly team using built-in powerful robust and scalable Google Technology as well as our own specially adapted software widgets to make the intranet fly – become a hub of activity where people will want to come back to for years to come.

We can get basic sites customised exactly to your brand and house style within 5-days. You can use our templates for page structures that make sense (being based on the Nielsen Norman ideals of an effective Intranet) as a starting for your organisation without the need for complex wireframes or project planning. We’ll also be by your side as you start the big task of populating the system and setting it up to fit your company’s culture, and you can get user feedback on your draft site to quickly adapted and change it to meet their needs.

Step one is to get in touch with us so that we can give you a walkthrough of our system. Book a demo to kickstart the process!

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*Pricing information is based on publicly available sources or anecdotal evidence and may be subject to change.

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