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A Tricky Question for Design-Experts Client

Unveiling the Decision-Making Crossroads

Recently, I found myself in an engaging discussion with the CEO of a rapidly growing event management company based in San Francisco. With around a hundred permanent, freelance, and ‘permalance’ (hybrid of permanent and freelance) contractors, this company is renowned for curating memorable branding experiences for its clients. The team is brimming with design artists and creative professionals, yet despite this internal talent pool, they chose Steegle to design their intranet. Why?

Intranet design by Steegle.One on web depicting a news feed , access to apps and access to power people search facilities

Intranet design in Steegle.One

During our Steegle.One Intranet demo, where we showcased various client sites and our primary intranet template design process, a fundamental question surfaced. Given their in-house design prowess, would they prefer to handle the design of their intranet themselves or delegate it to us? The response was both surprising and illuminating. 

Google Sites is lauded for its intuitive, user-friendly nature that is accessible to all. Indeed, for basic usage, Google Sites is exceptionally easy to navigate. However, the process can become unexpectedly complex when refining and tweaking a site to fulfill specific aesthetic and functional demands, largely due to the very simple constraints that Google imposes.

The CEO’s Insight: Outsourcing Internal Projects to Experts

The CEO conceded that his team possessed the skills to craft a visually appealing and functional intranet over time. However, he was acutely aware that this endeavor would consume valuable time and shift his design team’s attention away from their primary responsibility – creating exceptional event branding for their clients.

His observation was succinct yet powerful: 

“Internal projects seldom see the light of day unless outsourced to experts.” 

This insight, born from experience, emphasized that outsourcing to experts like Steegle saves more than just time. It ensures the job is done correctly, efficiently, and without imposing on in-house teams whose talents are best utilized elsewhere.

The CEO recognized the advantage of a turnkey solution offered by a specialized service provider like Steegle. Our profound understanding of Google Sites, paired with our design and development proficiency, enables us to rapidly deliver a polished, customized solution catering to each client’s distinct requirements.

In choosing to outsource to us, the CEO highlighted a critical aspect: engaging a boutique service provider like Steegle isn’t about a lack of internal capabilities. It’s a strategic decision aimed at maximizing efficiency, focus, and ultimately, company-wide productivity.

Choosing Steegle: A Pledge to Expertise and Efficiency

At Steegle, we pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider. Our outstanding 5-star reviews are a testament to our commitment, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to utilizing Google tools. We’re your strategic partner, allowing your teams to maintain their focus on their core responsibilities while we handle the rest. When your business opts for Steegle, you’re selecting expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind. Your end-to-end solution is merely a call away.

A CEO once observed "Internal projects seldom see the light of day unless outsourced to experts"

CEO of our client ( a design agency) was eager to use Steegle design services rather than his own in-house team.

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