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Healthcare Digital Transformation: Steegle.One Pioneering Healthcare Intranets

Greetings once again! In this month’s edition, we’re excited to delve into Steegle.One’s transformative journey with a distinguished healthcare client that made the leap from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace. 

This healthcare powerhouse, operating with a workforce of 1200 staff spread across the US and beyond, embarked on this strategic move to foster collaboration, streamline file sharing, and enhance overall efficiency. 

Although we can’t divulge the name at this juncture, let’s dive into how Steegle.One, with its unmatched expertise and exclusive tools, turned this complex migration into a resounding success story.

The Overlooked Longtail: Microsoft SharePoint

While our client adeptly planned the migration, Microsoft SharePoint’s role in sharing files and documents within the organization and externally was initially overlooked. This functionality was critical to business processes, especially when collaborating with external partners for new health insurance schemes.

The Catalyst for Change

Our client identified the need to invigorate their collaborative environment. Their internal analysis pointed towards Google Workspace as the answer to heightened efficiency and productivity. This mammoth task of transitioning 1200 users and a plethora of files required expert handling to ensure a seamless shift from Outlook to Gmail, and from Word and Excel files to Google Docs and Sheets.

C2 Management intranet designed by Steegle Team

Steegle.One to the Rescue

The client sought a solution but found other players lacking the finesse and expertise required for this sensitive transition. This is where Steegle.One entered the fray as the unmatched champion.

  • Strategic Guidance: We provided strategic advice, ensuring the client had a clear roadmap for migrating SharePoint sites to Google Sites.
  • Site Design: Steegle.One tailored Google Sites to echo the utility and functionality of SharePoint while injecting Google’s fluidity, simlplicty and ease of use.
  • Training: We empowered the client’s staff with training to harness the full potential of Google Workspace, ensuring they were adept and comfortable with their new tools.
  • Exclusive Migration Tool: What set Steegle.One apart was our proprietary tools, designed explicitly to share Google Drive files in an Intranet. This tool ensured that not only were the files and documents transitioned securely but were also compliant with stringent healthcare standards such as HIPAA.
  • Secure Sharing: Our tool facilitates secure sharing of files, ensuring compliance with healthcare standards, and cementing Steegle.One’s position as the only solution capable of fulfilling the client’s comprehensive requirements.

An Unrivaled Success

Steegle.One’s expertise and exclusive toolset established the foundation for the healthcare organization’s digital transformation. By ensuring a seamless, secure, and compliant migration, we demonstrated why Steegle.One is the unparalleled choice for organizations seeking to harness the power of Google Workspace.

Join us at Steegle.One and let us steer your organization towards an era of increased collaboration, security, and productivity.

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