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Hello, valued readers! In this blog, we will address an essential query from one of our trusted clients: “Why should we have the Steegle.One People tool if we already have BambooHR? BambooHR is indeed a commendable HR management (HRM) tool, but Steegle.One People enhances your digital workspace experience by building deeper connections and stronger communities.

Dr. Peter Chadha, our Head of Product, discusses the unique attributes of Steegle.One People and why it’s instrumental in creating a thriving and engaged workplace environment.

Discovering the Rich Tapestry of Your Colleagues

BambooHR efficiently handles HR administration, while Steegle.One People goes above and beyond by revealing the multifaceted personalities of your colleagues. It’s an open platform where employees can share their hobbies, interests, past experiences, and quirky traits such as their choices for a desert island survival kit. Such personal insights promote friendship and a stronger sense of community.

Community Building with Affinity Groups and ERGs

Steegle.One People gives importance to community-building initiatives that allow the formation of Affinity Groups or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), such as Working Parents, Sports Enthusiasts, etc. These groups empower individuals to find like-minded colleagues, leading to a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

Strengthening Internal Networking

Think of Steegle.One People as an internal LinkedIn. Employees can showcase their achievements, career goals, and aspirations. This transparency paves the way for invaluable internal networking, mentorship, and growth opportunities.

Interactive and Real-time Organizational Charts

Steegle.One People brings organizational charts to life with real-time updates and interactivity. Beyond just displaying hierarchy, these charts provide insights into roles, responsibilities, and how each team member contributes to the organizational vision.

Seamless Integration with Google Workspace

Steegle.One People integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace. This combination ensures streamlined collaboration and communication, keeping you connected with your colleagues efficiently

Facilitating Connections in a Remote Work Era

In a time where remote work is prominent and companies are hiring talent from diverse geographical locations, the water cooler conversations and serendipitous hallway encounters are missing. Steegle.One People fills this void by replicating these informal interactions in a virtual space, promoting spontaneous connections and conversations.

In essence, while BambooHR focuses on the administrative aspects of HR, Steegle.One People empowers you to see beyond job titles and truly get to know your colleagues. It fosters a human-centric workplace, enriched with stories, experiences, and dreams.

 Take your workplace to new heights with Steegle.One People, where connections are nurtured and communities thrive.

Dr. Peter Chadha heads the product division at Steegle. He is passionate about digital innovation and its capacity to create vibrant, efficient, and human-focused workplaces.

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