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Pingboard Alternative

Pingboard is a well-known tool for creating organizational charts and managing employee directories. It stands out for its straightforward, user-friendly interface, helping businesses effectively visualize their team structure and quickly access employee information. Note: While Pingboard is not an intranet or an employee experience platform, this comparison is provided as many Google Workspace customers seek Pingboard alternatives for more integrated, secure, and cost-effective solutions. Below, discover how to purchase just the people tools in Steegle.One.

Pingboard Alternative

Key Features of Pingboard:

  • CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM: A cloud-based solution for employee communication and collaboration.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTS: Provides dynamic, interactive charts to visualize company structure and employee relationships.
  • EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY: Offers a comprehensive directory with detailed employee profiles and contact information.
  • INTEGRATION WITH WORK TOOLS: Seamlessly syncs with various work platforms for consistent data management.

What is Steegle.One for Google Workspace?

Steegle.One is an efficient, cost-effective intranet solution constructed atop Google Sites. For clients looking for a specific alternative to Pingboard, Steegle People, our employee directory and org chart tool, is available for separate purchase.

Steegle.One: A Comprehensive Pingboard Alternative

Steegle.One Additional Features

Steegle Celebrations and Schedule tools
Quicklinks Apps

Apps Locker & Employee Profile

People Profile

Profile View & Workspace Quicklinks

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight & Global Locations

Comparing Features: Steegle.One vs. Pingboard:

  • EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY: Steegle.One’s searchable employee directory integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, ensuring real-time updates and a cohesive data environment. New users added to Google Workspace are automatically included in the org charts, eliminating the need for manual synchronization.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CHART: Interactive and automatically updated, displaying company structure and team relationships.
  • EMPLOYEE STATUS UPDATES: Both platforms enable employees to update their status, indicating their current working situation (e.g., in the office, away at a sister site). Steegle.One also shows local time, crucial for cross-time zone organizations.
  • EMPLOYEE DOCUMENT AND PHOTOS: Pingboard offers a standard directory listing, whereas Steegle One People allows adding up to 9 photographs, links to social media profiles, up to 16 custom fields, and embedding documents in a user profile.
  • INTEGRATION CAPABILITIES: Both systems provide integration with tools like HR systems for streamlined application access.
  • CUSTOM FIELDS AND FILTERS: Steegle.One offers customization for the employee directory, including social elements like dream holiday destinations, favorite dog breeds, and technical specialties.
  • MOBILE ACCESSIBILITY: Both platforms are mobile-friendly.
  • PRIVACY AND SECURITY: Steegle.One ensures data security within the client’s Google Workspace, without external data sharing.
Fostering Meaningful Connections: Steegle.One

Fostering Meaningful Connections with Steegle.One
Steegle.One enhances workplace connectivity by providing a dynamic, intuitive organizational chart and an extensive employee directory. Our platform enables a deeper understanding of your company’s hierarchy and employee roles, fostering meaningful interactions within your organization.
DYNAMIC ORG CHART VISUALISZATION: Easily navigate through a dynamic org chart to comprehend reporting structures and departmental alignments. This feature offers both a quick overview and in-depth insights into employee roles and connections.
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IMPROVING INTERNAL COMMUNICATION:  Steegle.One centralizes internal communications, streamlining the flow of information and ensuring employees stay informed and connected.
CENTRALIZED INFORMATION HUB: Our platform acts as a hub for all crucial communications, including important dates, company announcements, and employee statuses.
STREAMLINED COMMUNICATION TOOLS: With new, private, and secure communication tools, we ensure that information sharing within your organization is efficient and safeguarded.
EMPLOYEE STATUS UPDATES: Keep everyone in the loop with real-time status updates, enhancing transparency and coordination among teams.
ENHANCED ENGAGEMENT: Our platform fosters increased employee engagement by making it easier to share and access organizational news and updates.

The Bottom Line