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As organizations look for robust digital workplace solutions, the comparison between Meta Workplace and Steegle.One becomes critical, especially in light of Meta’s recent decision to sunset Workplace. This analysis aims to provide a comprehensive comparison, highlighting key features, integration capabilities, challenges, and pricing to help organizations make an informed decision.

meta workplace dashboard

Meta Workplace Dashboard

What is Meta Workplace?

Meta Workplace, also known as Facebook @ Work, was a business-focused platform offering extensive collaboration and communication tools. However, as of May 2024, Meta has announced its decision to deprecate Workplace to focus on AI and Metaverse technologies. The platform will continue to operate until August 2025, with full shutdown by May 2026.

Key Features of Meta Workplace

Familiar social networking features to boost employee engagement.
Tools for group communication, document sharing, and project management.
Features for social engagement and employee recognition.
Advanced search functionalities.
Strong mobile app for on-the-go access.

Meta Workplace for Mobile

What is Steegle.One for Google Workspace?

Tailored for Google-centric organizations, Steegle.One is a cost-effective intranet solution built on Google Sites. It enhances productivity and communication with its user-friendly design, automation features, and seamless Google Workspace integration. Steegle.One is notable for its flexibility and ease of maintenance, backed by Google’s robust infrastructure.

Key Features of Steegle.One

Drag-and-drop interface for simple setup and customization.
Deep integration for a cohesive experience.
Features to streamline management tasks.
Accessible from any device.
Superior flexibility in design and ease of maintenance.

Steegle.One Dashboard

Apps Locker

Apps Locker

Employee Profiles

Employee Profiles

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Integration and Flexibility

Meta Workplace

Offers various integrations with third-party applications.
Configurable to meet different organizational needs.



Exclusively optimized for Google Workspace, ensuring seamless ecosystem integration.
Guarantees data sovereignty, including HIPAA and GDPR compliance, leveraging Google’s secure infrastructure.

Challenges and Considerations

Meta Workplace

Some features may lack sophistication for complex needs.
The user interface could benefit from modernization.
The platform will be discontinued by May 2026, which raises concerns about long-term viability and support.


Ideal for Google-centric organizations, potentially limiting for those using diverse productivity tools.
The only solution offering guaranteed data sovereignty within the Google ecosystem, critical for compliance and security.


Choosing the Right Solution

META WORKPLACE was suited for organizations requiring a comprehensive digital workplace platform with extensive features and integration capabilities. However, due to its impending deprecation, organizations must transition to alternative solutions.

STEEGLE.ONE excels in environments prioritizing data sovereignty, ease of use, and rapid deployment within the Google ecosystem. Its design flexibility, straightforward maintenance, and compliance guarantees (including HIPAA and GDPR) make it a compelling choice for organizations looking to leverage Google’s infrastructure effectively.

Comprehensive Pricing Comparison

Meta Workplace Pricing?

Typically priced between $4 (but up to $8) per user per month. Pricing may vary based on specific feature sets and organizational needs.

Meta Workplace - Desktop Experience
Steegle.One as your Intranet Provider

Steegle.One Pricing?

Generally less expensive than Meta Workplace for comparable solutions. Contact Steegle.One for specific pricing tailored to your organization’s size and requirements Prices start at less than $2 per month for Volume.

Important Notes

  • Pricing for both solutions may fluctuate over time or be adjusted based on unique organizational needs and negotiations. It’s essential to contact each provider directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  • Steegle.One emphasizes its cost-effectiveness relative to Meta Workplace. Be sure to verify this claim by obtaining accurate quotes from both vendors.

Key Features Comparison


Available from
Google-Centric Intranet
Collaboration Features
Streamlined for Google Workspace
Exclusive to Google Workspace and some external API
User Interface
User-friendly Drag-and-Drop
Mobile Compatibility
Mobile-Responsive Design
Budget-Friendly & Price Guarantee
Ideal For
Google-Centric Businesses, Ease of Use


Meta Workplace Intranet

No longer available
Comprehensive Digital Workplace
Collaboration Features
Rich & Comprehensive
Various third-party apps
User Interface
Flexible but may need modernization
Mobile Compatibility
Strong mobile app
Subscription (Moderate)
Ideal For
Complex Organizations, Diverse Ecosystems


Why Choose Steegle.One Over Meta Workplace?



For businesses embedded within the Google ecosystem, Steegle.One offers a naturally integrated intranet solution that leverages Google Workspace’s full potential without the complexity of additional systems.


Steegle.One is significantly more affordable, particularly for small to medium-sized enterprises or those with a tight budget, providing essential intranet functions without the high costs associated with more complex platforms.


Promising quick implementation and easy management, Steegle.One enables organizations to swiftly launch their intranet with minimal disruption, prioritizing employee engagement and productivity.


Steegle.One scales seamlessly for all businesses, from startups to enterprises, with its intuitive interface and robust features, avoiding excessive customization or complex setup.


All data is securely stored on Google Workspace, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, and meeting Google's industry-leading security and data protection standards.


Discover how Steegle.One can transform your Google Workspace into a powerful and integrated intranet. Request a live demo session today at Steegle and explore the features firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meta Workplace Deprecation and Transition to Steegle.One

Q1: What is happening to Meta Workplace?
A: Meta has announced that it will discontinue its Workplace platform to focus on AI and Metaverse projects. Workplace will continue to operate until August 2025, after which it will enter a read-only mode. By May 2026, all content will be removed, and the service will be fully shut down.
Q2: Why is Meta shutting down Workplace?

A: Meta is pivoting its focus towards developing AI and Metaverse technologies. As a result, they have decided to sunset Workplace to reallocate resources and attention to these emerging areas.

Q3: What alternatives are available for current Workplace users?

A: Meta has partnered with Zoom to offer Workvivo as a preferred migration option for current Workplace users. Workvivo provides a comprehensive employee experience platform that includes features for communication, engagement, and collaboration.

Q4: What are the popular features of Workvivo?

A: Workvivo is known for its user-friendly interface and robust features, including:

  • Employee Engagement: Tools to boost morale and recognition.
  • Communication: Integrated communication tools for seamless interaction.
  • Collaboration: Spaces for team collaboration and project management.

Mobile Accessibility: A well-designed mobile app for on-the-go access.

Q5: Why is there sentiment against using Workvivo?

A: While Workvivo offers many features, some users express concerns about transitioning to a new platform, especially given Facebook’s history with data privacy issues. Although Meta has assured users that data from Workplace will not be harvested, the association with Facebook has led to hesitations among some organizations.

    Q6: How does Steegle.One compare to Meta Workplace and Workvivo?
    A: Steegle.One is an excellent alternative for organizations already using Google Workspace. It offers:

    • Integration: Seamless integration with Google Workspace tools.
    • User-Friendly: An intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
    • Data Sovereignty: Ensures data remains within the Google ecosystem, complying with HIPAA and GDPR.
    • Flexibility: Easy to maintain and customize.
    Q7: What are the key features of Steegle.One?

    A: Key features of Steegle.One include:

    • Google Workspace Integration: Deep integration for a cohesive experience.
    • Automation: Streamlines management tasks.
    • Mobile-Responsive Design: Accessible from any device.

    Flexible Design: Superior flexibility in design and ease of maintenance.

    Q8: What was the sentiment around Meta Workplace's data privacy?

    A: Despite assurances from Meta, many users were concerned about data privacy due to Facebook’s history. The sentiment stemmed from fears that user data might be misused, despite Meta’s statements that data from Workplace was not harvested.

    Q9: How can organizations transition from Meta Workplace to Steegle.One?

    A: Organizations can begin by assessing their current use of Google Workspace. Steegle.One integrates seamlessly with Google tools, making the transition smooth for Google-centric organizations. Contact Steegle.One for tailored migration support and to understand how the platform can meet your organization’s needs.

    Q10: What are the pricing details for Steegle.One compared to Meta Workplace and Workvivo?

    A: Steegle.One is generally at least 30% cheaper than Meta Workplace for comparable solutions. For specific pricing tailored to your organization’s size and requirements, contact Steegle.One directly. Workvivo’s pricing details can be obtained by contacting Zoom.


    The decision between Meta Workplace and Steegle.One hinges on specific organizational needs, technological ecosystems, and priorities around data compliance and ecosystem integration. Steegle.One is the preferred solution for Google-centric organizations valuing flexibility, data sovereignty, and ease of maintenance. Meta Workplace, although once a robust option, is being deprecated, making it essential for current users to seek alternative solutions.

    For more insights and to see how Steegle.One enhances the Google Sites experience with advanced features and seamless integration, visit Steegle.One.

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