The Intranet built for Google Workspace

MangoApps Intranet Alternative

A comprehensive platform offering extensive collaboration, communication, and engagement tools for medium to large organizations. It combines customizable dashboards, extensive third-party integrations, and community features into one seamless experience.

MangoApps Intranet Alternative

MangoApps Dashboard

Key Features of MangoApps

What is Steegle.One for Google Workspace?

Steegle.One offers a cost-effective intranet solution built on Google Sites, leveraging Google’s powerful infrastructure to deliver an integrated,
user-centric experience tailored for businesses using Google Workspace.

Key Features of Steegle.One

Steegle.One as your Intranet Provider

Steegle.One Dashboard

MangoApps Pricing?

Internet solutions start at $5 to $12 per user per month with a minimum of 200 users. Pricing will depend on specific feature sets and the needs of the organization.

Steegle.One Pricing? is at least 30% cheaper than MangoApps for comparable solutions. Contact Steegle.One for specific pricing tailored to your organization’s size and requirements.

  • Pricing for both solutions may fluctuate over time or be adjusted based on unique organizational needs and negotiations.
  • It’s essential to contact each provider directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  • Steegle.One emphasizes its cost-effectiveness relative to MangoApps.
User Friendly Intranet (Steegle Design)

User Friendly Intranet (Steegle Design)

Workflow Automation (Steegle Tool)

Efficient & Responsive Designs (Steegle Tool)

Comprehensive Portal (Steegle Intranet)

Comprehensive Portal (Steegle Intranet)

Key Features Comparison


FocusGoogle-Centric Intranet
Employee Experience Platform (EXP)


Collaboration FeaturesStreamlined for Google Workspace

IntegrationsExclusive to Google Workspace and some external APIs

Set-up process2-6 weeks

User InterfaceUser-friendly and Scalable

Mobile CompatibilityMobile-Responsive Design

PricingBudget-Friendly & Price Guarantee from just a few dollar per month

Ideal ForGoogle-Centric Businesses, Ease of Use 50-10,000 users

MangoApps Intranet

FocusComprehensive Digital Workplace focused mainly on Microsoft 365 customers


Collaboration FeaturesRich & Comprehensive

IntegrationsExtensive (50+ Connectors, API), Client data encryption
In transit and at rest

Set-up process6-8 weeks

User InterfaceFlexible but may need modernization

Mobile CompatibilityExcellent App & Mobile-Friendly Design

PricingSubscription (Higher-End) 200+ users $5-$12 user per month

Ideal ForComplex Organizations, Diverse Ecosystems, 6000 Employees+

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