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Igloo Employee Intranet Alternative

Igloo is a cloud-based intranet platform designed to enhance corporate communication, drive collaboration, and boost employee engagement. Trusted by global entities such as Schneider Electric and Pearson, Igloo serves as a comprehensive solution for creating a connected and transparent workplace.

Igloo Intranet Platform
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Key Features of Igloo Intranet:

What is Steegle.One for Google Workspace?

Steegle.One offers a cost-effective intranet solution built on Google Sites, leveraging Google’s powerful infrastructure to deliver an integrated,
user-centric experience tailored for businesses using Google Workspace.

  • EXCLUSIVE GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTEGRATION: Designed to complement and integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace, unlike platforms that also support SharePoint or Microsoft 365.
  • GLOBAL PRESENCE: Based in the UK since 2010, Steegle is recognized for its expertise in Google Sites, serving clients across the US, Europe, and beyond.
Steegle Celebrations and Schedule tools
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Key Features of Steegle.One

  • EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY: Includes comprehensive profiles with photos, skills, and contact information to enhance internal networking.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTS: Keep your team structure clear and current directly from Google Workspace.
  • FILE MANAGEMENT: Utilize a centralized library for all documents, driven by Google Drive integration for superior document handling.
  • EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION: Motivate and celebrate achievements with an integrated recognition system.
  • EMBEDDED GOOGLE APPS: Incorporate Google Docs, Sheets, and other Google apps directly into your intranet for a streamlined workflow.
  • CORPORATE CALENDAR: Manage and share corporate events and deadlines to keep everyone informed.
  • NEWS AND COMMUNICATIONS: Dynamic tools for sharing news and updates to keep the workforce engaged and well-informed.
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    User Feedback on Igloo to consider

    • CUSTOMIZATION AND FLEXIBILITY: Highly appreciated for adaptability to specific workflows and branding.
    • CUSTOMER SERVICE CHALLENGES: Reports of poor communication and follow-ups, especially for billing issues.
    • COMPLICATED PRICING STRUCTURE: Can be opaque, with additional per-user charges causing budget planning difficulties.
    • USER INTERFACE AND USABILITY: Many options but navigation not always intuitive, hindering user experience and adoption.
    • INTEGRATION CHALLENGES: Can cause headaches integrating with other business systems and authentication protocols.
    • LIMITED CUSTOMIZATION: Some users find options to tailor the intranet to company workflows and culture lacking.
    • PERFORMANCE ISSUES: Slow speeds, downtime, or bugs hinder productivity. Investigate hosting and support.
    • ADOPTION STRUGGLES: Low user adoption due to poor rollout, lack of leadership buy-in, or misalignment with needs.
    • SECURITY CONCERNS: Inadequate access controls, encryption, or data governance can raise red flags.
    Why Choose Steegle.One Over Igloo?
    • STREAMLINED FOR GOOGLE: If your business relies heavily on Google Workspace, Steegle.One provides an intranet solution that integrates more naturally with your existing tools.
    • RAPID DEPLOYMENT: Implement a full-featured intranet in as little as two weeks, with minimal disruption to daily operations.
    • SCALABLE AND FLEXIBLE: From small startups to large enterprises, Steegle.One scales to meet your needs without excessive customization or complex setup.
    • SECURITY: All data remains on Google Workspace therefore offering HIPAA and GDPR compliance and Google owns security standards
    • REQUEST DEMO: Discover how Steegle.One can transform your Google Workspace into a powerful and integrated intranet. Visit to schedule a demo today and explore the features firsthand.

    Key Features Comparison


    ProductBuilt on Google Sites, tightly integrated with Google Workspace.

    Features– Data Sovereignty – all data remains with client
    – Mobile-friendly
    – Comprehensive file library based on Google Drive
    – Customizable content and branding
    – Google Security

    Case StudiesUsed by companies like technology, education, not for profit including Beyond Meat, YMCA for seamless Google Workspace integration.

    ResourcesOffers tutorials, user guides, and direct support through Google expertise.

    PricingConsidered affordable, starting at a few dollars per user per month. Suitable for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions. Price Guarantee is also offered to be 30% less expensive.

    Request a DemoAvailable directly through the Steegle website, showcasing integration with Google Workspace features or through selected global partners.

    Igloo Employee Intranet

    ProductComprehensive digital workplace solution for communication and collaboration.

    Features– Centralised communication hub
    – Customizable interfaces
    – Document management
    – Social features like blogs and forums
    – Mobile app

    Case StudiesAdopted by diverse industries, including tech and finance sectors, for enhancing internal communication and collaboration.

    ResourcesProvides extensive support resources, including training sessions, webinars, and a knowledge base.

    PricingPricing varies based on features and the size of the organization, generally requiring direct contact for quotes but estimated at $7-18/user/per month based on modules selected. Some users complain about pricing lack of transparency.

    Request a DemoDemos available upon request to illustrate the platform’s comprehensive capabilities.

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