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Confluence Intranet Alternative

When evaluating intranet platforms, Confluence by Atlassian and Steegle.One emerge as distinct choices for different organizational needs. Here’s a comprehensive comparison to assist businesses in determining the best fit for enhancing their internal collaboration and communication.

Confluence Intranet Alternative
Confluence Intranet Alternative_2

What is Confluence by Atlassian?

Confluence is a collaboration tool developed by Atlassian, designed to help teams manage projects and share knowledge efficiently. It is often chosen by IT departments due to its seamless integration with Jira, another Atlassian product.

Key Features of Confluence Intranet:

What is Steegle.One for Google Workspace?

Steegle.One offers a cost-effective intranet solution built on Google Sites, leveraging Google’s powerful infrastructure to deliver an integrated,
user-centric experience tailored for businesses using Google Workspace.

Steegle Celebrations and Schedule tools
Steegle People Org Chart and People Profile on Desktop and Tab.

Key Features of Steegle.One

  • EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY: Includes comprehensive profiles with photos, skills, and contact information to enhance internal networking.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTS: Keep your team structure clear and current directly from Google Workspace.
  • FILE MANAGEMENT: Utilize a centralized library for all documents, driven by Google Drive integration for superior document handling.
  • EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION: Motivate and celebrate achievements with an integrated recognition system.
  • EMBEDDED GOOGLE APPS: Incorporate Google Docs, Sheets, and other Google apps directly into your intranet for a streamlined workflow.
  • CORPORATE CALENDAR: Manage and share corporate events and deadlines to keep everyone informed.
  • NEWS AND COMMUNICATIONS: Dynamic tools for sharing news and updates to keep the workforce engaged and well-informed.

    Steegle.One Pricing?

    Steegle.One plans starting at less than a few dollars per user per month, Steegle.One is accessible for businesses of all sizes looking for an effective intranet solution without the high costs.

    Apps Locker

    Apps Locker

    Employee Profiles

    Employee Profiles

    Employee Spotlight

    Employee Spotlight

    Steegle.One as your Intranet Provider
    Steegle.One Lightning
    Why Choose Steegle.One Over Confluence?
    • STREAMLINED FOR GOOGLE: For businesses embedded within the Google ecosystem, Steegle.One offers a naturally integrated intranet solution that leverages Google Workspace’s full potential without the complexity of additional systems.
    • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Steegle.One is significantly more affordable, particularly for small to medium-sized enterprises or those with a tight budget, providing essential intranet functions without the high costs associated with more complex platforms.
    • RAPID DEPLOYMENT AND EASE OF USE: Unlike Confluence, which may require extensive setup and user training, Steegle.One promises quick implementation and ease of use, ensuring that organizations can get their intranet up and running quickly with minimal disruption.
    • SCALABLE AND FLEXIBLE: From small startups to large enterprises, Steegle.One scales to meet your needs without excessive customization or complex setup.
    • SECURITY: All data remains on Google Workspace therefore offering HIPAA and GDPR compliance and Google owns security standards
    • REQUEST DEMO: Discover how Steegle.One can transform your Google Workspace into a powerful and integrated intranet. Visit to schedule a demo today and explore the features firsthand.


    Key Features Comparison


    Market FocusDesigned as an intranet platform focused on enhancing the employee experience and internal communications including tools like org charts and employee directories.

    IntegrationExcellently integrates with Google Workspace, ensuring seamless compatibility with Google tools and services.

    User InterfaceSimple interface that’s user-friendly, reducing the need for extensive training.

    CustomizationEasily customizable within Google’s ecosystem, focusing on user experience and straightforward modifications.

    PricingMore affordable, starting at a few dollars per user per month, with a price guarantee to be 30% less expensive than competitors. Ideal for cost-sensitive businesses.

    Ideal forOptimal for organizations using Google Workspace, looking to integrate closely with Google Drive and enhance staff collaboration and communication.

    Confluence Intranet

    Market FocusDesigned primarily as a collaboration and content management system, ideal for project management and technical documentation.

    IntegrationIntegrates best with Jira and other Atlassian products, making it suitable for technical workflows and project tracking.

    User InterfaceComplex and feature-rich, tailored for technical users and requires a learning curve.

    CustomizationHighly customizable with a variety of plugins, catering to technical customizations and integrations.

    PricingHigher-end, ranging from $6 to $25 per user per month, reflecting its comprehensive feature set for technical teams.

    Ideal forBest suited for IT departments, technical teams, and project management environments.

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