The Intranet built for Google Workspace

A Journey Through Time: The Evolution of Steegle.One

The Google Sites Affection

Here at Steegle, we are die-hard fans of Google Sites and have been global experts in the field of site design since 2010. 

Despite certain limitations, we believe it’s a robust platform that provides an easier approach to managing critical business components. For instance, we’ve helped clients transition from WordPress Joomla to Google Sites, favoring simplicity over complexity.

The Genesis

Steegle.One’s conception stemmed from our desire to offer an Intranet Suite that is more than GINO (Google In Name Only). Unlike third-party intranet solutions like LumApps and Happeo, which typically run on their own infrastructure despite Google authentication, Steegle.One was crafted to be deeply integrated with Google Workspace from the outset.

The Evolution

As we worked closely with clients and utilized Google Sites, we recognized a need for essential intranet features. This understanding paved the way for the development of Steegle Springboard comprising components  (People,  News, Heroes, Schedules), and more. With continuous feedback and evolution, Steegle Springboard morphed into what we now proudly present as Steegle.One.

Looking Forward

Steegle.One epitomizes the seamless integration, innovation, and robustness we aspired to deliver. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs as we delve into the exciting features and capabilities of Steegle.One.

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