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Inspire Education Group
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“Steegle News has taken our Google Workspace student portal to the next level, making news dissemination efficient, simple, and visually compelling.” – Tony Warner

Revitalizing Student College Communication with Steegle Tools

Inspire Education Group , comprising Peterborough College and Stamford college, is an educational institution catering to over 10,000 students with a dedicated staff of 1,200 members. To cultivate a vibrant and collaborative learning space, IEG employs Google Workspace for Education. They developed a student intranet portal using Google Sites, but found that it was missing essential news and announcement functionalities.


IEG sought to accomplish several goals:

  • Minimise email overload
  • Keep students well-informed
  • Reduce time spent on information retrieval
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Boost visibility of leadership

They needed to achieve these without the inherent news and announcement features in Google Sites.

Inspire Education Group using the Steegle News tool on the intranet portal.

Key Facts - Client Success Stories


  • Location: UK-based, incorporating Peterborough College and Stamford College.
  • Industry: Education, leveraging a digital workplace to foster internal communication and employee engagement.
  • Challenges: Addressing the need for an outdated intranet replacement to improve knowledge management and reduce email overload.
  • Solution: Adoption of Steegle.One News within a Google Sites intranet, enhancing the content management system (CMS) for an education intranet.
  • Outcome: A modern intranet transformation, achieving an efficient digital experience (DX) with enhanced collaboration through an updated employee directory, file library, and news system.
  • Conclusion: Inspire Education Group’s customizable intranet for over 10,000 students exemplifies a cloud-based intranet success story, highlighting a digital workplace platform that supports internal communication and employee engagement within an education intranet setting.
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Steegle tools proved to be a pivotal asset for Inspire Education Group. It effectively streamlined their communication process with students, integrated with Google Workspace, and ensured that students were well-informed and kept up to date with the latest news and communications. Moreover, the tools were not only easy to implement but also met IEG’s needs for aesthetic appeal and data security.

Additionally, Tony commended the ease of engagement with Steegle and was particularly impressed with the simplicity of implementing the News tool. He stated, “Because it integrates with our existing Google Workspace, we managed to install it within an hour.

Steegle News is impressive and significantly enhances our internal Google Workspace student portal. The tool allows news administrators to effortlessly add stories and images without the complexities of creating web pages from scratch.

Tony Warner

Digital Learning Technologist, Inspire Education Group

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